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Window Magic introduces ‘Insect Screen’ that shields from insects


Window Magic, one of the leading brands in windows and doors, has introduced their new innovation ‘Insect Screen’ which protects from flies, mosquitoes and other insects. This type of screen helps in creating a healthy interior, allowing the users to experience a fresh and natural ventilation. It also protects from various diseases which come and disinfect your home.

While designing the Insect Screen, due considerations were given to all the factors, such as size, shape and style of the screen. Also, the external factors which vary from one location to another, such as the local weather conditions and the number of trees in the surrounding area. Besides, consultation service by experts are offered to discuss the options and recommend best screen designs based on their unique tastes and requirements. They are available in various type, including Pull Down Mesh, Pleated Mesh and Zig Zag Mesh. Pull Down Mesh has three categories, such as Lat Double, Lat Single and Vert Spring, which can withstand reasonable wind pressure and has wide tolerance for width and height. The flat fibre glass mesh results in giving a feeling of no mesh present between outdoor and indoor. Pleated Mesh has plisse double system, developed by Japanese and has been perfected by Germans. Zig Zag Mesh is from Green-Web Germany which can take high wind pressure. The retractable system with wider opening options allows maximum visibility and fresh air.

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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

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