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World’s First Integrated Solar Roof, “ATUM,” Now Meets IEC Standards


The first integrated solar roofing system in the world, manufactured in India, is now IEC Standard Compliant and eligible for on-grid approvals. One of Dubai’s oldest businesses, Uncle’s Shop, which opened its doors in the city in 1922, debuted ATUM Solar Roof there. We are really happy to have achieved IEC Standard Compliance, said Vamsi Gaddam, ATUM Inventor and Co-Managing Director of Visaka Industries Limited. It’s been a long time coming, but the fact that it has now been authorised says a lot about our product and the commitment of the whole ATUM team.

An integrated solar roofing system called ATUM performs all the duties of a conventional roof while also producing electricity. It is approved to withstand hail and snow and can endure winds up to 250 km/h. It is also weather-resistant in all conditions. It offers a return on investment of little under five years and is approximately 40% more efficient than conventional solar panels. It also has a Class-A Fire Rating and is shockproof. Any home, commercial, or industrial location is the perfect fit for ATUM Solar. The Wonder Yarn, Vnext Fibre Cement Boards, ATUM Charge solar-powered EV charging stations, and the ATUM Life Sustainable Experience Center are just a few examples of Visaka’s sustainable goods. South Africa, the USA, and India all grant patents to ATUM.

The first project, which includes an ATUM Solar Roof, was started with the Sharjah Investment Authority to build a new mosque near Khrofakkan Beach. The project was handed off successfully and is presently running well.

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