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A Unique Facade Assemblage Betasoft ITES Building, Mohali


ITES, the IT building designed by Ar. Sangeet Sharma of SD Sharma & Associates, is an interesting and a composed architectural project. As a plotted development, it was imperative to design a building which was most functional and eco-friendly. The longer sides were covered with the adjoining buildings so the essential lights was from front and back.

The plan is a block of two large halls/working spaces with the central vertical circulation. The central lobby consists the entrance, staircase lifts and toilet blocks-there by giving two large halls an obstructive columnless space. The halls are oriented southwest in the front and northeast on the rear. The design challenges included a perfect environment conducive to IT and an area full of vigour.

The key principal design factor of this project is the consideration of the orientation. Being a plotted development the phases of the building faces South West (SW). The challenge was to consider this odd orientation and yet provide a solution. As glass was essential in the elevation, being an IT building that needed a global image. The glass louvre systems were used in the façade. Being in Chandigarh, these louvers were a constant feature to keep the hot sun of south and south west away. The louvers were designed, fabricated and installed in a unique assemblage. The protection from the harsh sun saves energy and the temperature is curtailed inside. This system is aesthetically very sound and provides cascading sociography on the façade.

The façade in totality is a composition in itself by varying the patterns in every floor. It is comprised of uniquely designed glass louvers giving exemplary aesthetics and designed protection from the southern sun. The glass louvers are made using low-e glass. The joints are minimal and the green glass is soothing for the eyes. The services are efficiently designed providing full safety to men and materials. The interiors are columnless uninterrupted free flowing spaces.

Façade is comprised of uniquely designed glass louvers
Façade is comprised of uniquely designed glass louvers

The ITES building is eco-friendly based on its planning principles and orientation. This is a huge ecological consideration. The building is not a glass box and is efficiently designed for ambient thermal and comfort conditions.The biggest challenge was fabrication of the details of the façade. The louvers have not been implemented in this fashion in the buildings. This was overcome by intense and meticulous planning and detailing.

The client required a pent house on the top most floor and giving it an identity was an effort. This was overcome by intense thought and involvement.

Glass is an essential element in the IT building elevation
Glass is an essential element in the IT building elevation


Project: ITES Knowledge Centre
Architect: Sangeet Sharma
Location: IT Park, SAS Nagar, Punjab
Client: Dharampal Mangla and Vishal Mangla
Interior Architect & Designer: Ar. Purnima Sharma
Other Consultants: S.D. Sharma & Associates
Materials used for Façade & Fenestration: Glass and Brick Cladding
Commencement Date: 2016
Completion Date: August 2017

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