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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

Unique & Patented Façade Solution for Kindergarten at AL Tawar 2, Dubai, Uae

By: Rafic Hanbali, Emirates Insolaire

The concept design of the project Al Tawar Kindergarten is based on a mix of vibrant coloured panels and white panels distributed randomly. Such a distribution presented a challenge in terms of maximizing energy production. However, Emirates Insolaire team prepared a full solution designed to optimize the output energy from Kromatix ™ panels while respecting the integrity of the original concept design. The Kromatix ™ façade system was designed with special consideration of the local standards for wind load, the weight of each panel (65 kg), thermal expansion of the glass and the aluminium system.

The design employs foil-faced insulation (50mm thick, 80Kg density) by Fujairah Rockwool. Additionally, they provisioned for fire barriers using Siderise material. The materials and installation follow DCD (Dubai Civil Defence) Fire and Life Safety Code.

KROMaTIX ™ patented Swiss technology

Entrance done with non-active Kromatix ™ coloured panels
Entrance done with non-active Kromatix ™ coloured panels

Kromatix ™ is a unique and swiss patented solution, developed by Swiss INSO at EPFL (Lausanne Polytechnic Federal Institute), one of the most prestigious engineering schools in the world.

It is produced by employing specially treated extra clear low iron colour glass, with an end goal to function as a solar panel.

For the very first time, the technology used allows for both photovoltaic modules and solar thermal collectors to be coloured, without compromising the performance, efficiency or architectural design integrity.

The Kromatix ™ glass is not usually used on top of existing solar panels. Rather, it replaces the original solar glass used in traditional solar panels, and the cells (or thin film) are directly laminated with Kromatix ™ glass.

Advantages of Kromatix ™

Kindergarten at AL Tawar 2, Dubai, Uae
Difference between the normal reflective glass and Kromatix™ Gold BIpV panel (Non-reflective)
  • The façade system follows the newly established civil defence regulations for fire stop standards specific to the spandrel area.
  • Kromatix ™ panel is produced in line with safety glass regulations (CANA).
  • It is matter, without reflection and without blinding effect (no glare, no gloss). Meaning it can be used in any location or street in the cities, and on or near airports.
  • Does not use any paint or tint, thus no fade out or loss of colour with time.
  • Produces energy with high efficiency.
  • No visible electric components such as cells and bus bars.

Kromatix Solar Panels

  • Aesthetically pleasing, homogeneous noble colours that are superior to normal glass/ACP façade.
  • Kromatix ™ glass is produced to rigid specifications with no distortion (allowable below 0.3 mm) on the glass which compares favourably to the normal glass or to the ACP/solid aluminium sheets.
  • The façade system can carry the wind load similar to the normal façade.
  • Kromatix™ panels can be installed as a stick system or a unitized system or any normal glass façade system.
  • The façade meets all thermal requirements and acoustic requirements.
  • The façade does not require any special cleaning and can follow the building cleaning schedule.
  • The panels can be easily substituted (like any normal glass panels) in case of any damage for any reason during the installation or after handing over.

Kromatix active blue panels and passive white panels Kromatix active blue panels and passive white panels

Interface between active and non-active coloured Kromatix™
The interface between active and non-active coloured Kromatix™
  • Kromatix ™ system can be treated as a normal façade system in case of integration with other items such as (lighting, security camera, civil walls, etc).
  • Installing a Kromatix ™ façade system will secure extra credits towards LEED green building certification.
  • Credit for renewable energy production
  • Credit for renewable energy and carbon offsets

Fact File-

  • Project: Kindergarten Al Tawar Project
  • Location: Al Tawar, Dubai, UAE
  • Client: Dubai Municipality
  • Architect: Al Turath Engineering Consultants
  • Other Consultants: (Structural and façade): Al Turath Engineering Consultants.
  • Materials used for façade & fenestration: Active and Non-active KromatixTM panels
  • Commencement Date: May-2018
  • Completion Date: September-2018
  • Total area of project: 2,700 Sq m
  • The total area of Kromatix TM (Active & Non-active) Panels: 1,900 Sq m .
Blue active Kromatix™ panels Vs orange, white and red passive panels
Blue active Kromatix™ panels Vs orange, white and red passive panels

Rafic Hanbali, Emirates Insolaire

Managing Partner

Rafic Hanbali is the Managing Partner of Emirates Insolaire – a pioneer in the development of new solar technologies. Established in 2013 and based in Dubai, Emirates Insolaire LLC is a joint venture of Dubai Investments PJSC and InsOglass S.A. InsOglass is the majority shareholder in Swiss INSO INC. The Emirates Insolaire produces and distributes coloured solar glass and coloured PV modules using Kromatix™ technology, and provides complete solar solutions for Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV). This technology allows solar solutions to be completely integrated into the architectural design of all types of buildings for the very first time across the globe and opens a whole new world of opportunities in terms of aesthetic design of the building in addition to enhanced energy savings. Rafi c spearheaded the research into the breakthrough Kromatix™ coloured solar panel technology – the first-of-its-kind in the world, in collaboration with Swiss INSO SA, a Switzerland-based pioneer in solar technologies and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. Rafic, who is committed to the cause of sustainability, has also run successful businesses in foodstuffs with production facilities in Scotland and Brazil and a presence in several countries across Europe, South America as well as Middle East with a turnover of US$ 250 million. In 2008, Rafic Hanbali also co-established a company for sale, purchase and financing of private jets in Brazil. The company delivered 62 airplanes in four years. Being a private investor and independent business entrepreneur, Rafic Hanbali has founded and managed several companies in the field of international trade, food production and distribution, wireless communications, technology and aircraft finance services in Brazil and Europe. He has had significant experience in both establishing new companies to take advantage of business opportunities and in restructuring and turning around existing companies. A French national, Rafic is a physicist, a jet pilot and trained in production, international trade, distribution, logistics, air and sea transport.

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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

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