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Aludecor Launches Three New Products


Aludecor launched a path breaking technology by the name of Aludecor Systems which can redefine the aluminium composite panel facades in India at the recently concluded Acetech, Delhi. With the new systems, there is no need to use silicone sealant to fill the grooves of a typical ACP façade.

Aludecor Systems is a framework and accessories set-up that ensures low or zero maintenance. Architects need not worry about the leaks and stains due to the use of silicone, which usually kills the look of the facade. These systems provide ventilated façades which ensures comfort of the residents and brings down electricity bills too. They also enhances and takes the aesthetics of buildings several notches higher.

The systems facilitate rain screen cladding. Rainscreen cladding provides an exterior surface “a cladding layer” that reduces the force of wind-driven water movement, preventing it from getting into small breaches in the surface of a building. There are three systems: the Pressure-Equalised Rainscreen System (PER), Hanging Rainscreen Systems (HR) and Male Female Rainscreen System (MFR).

The eye-opening 3D walls left architects wowed
The eye-opening 3D walls left architects wowed


“Although the initial cost of installing ACP with the help of these systems is a little higher, it is cost effective in the long run since it requires negligible maintenance.”, asserted Aludecor CMD Ashok Kumar Bhaiya. “The young design & application team of Aludecor has developed something that’s in vogue in the West, and now our country too can have equally marvellous ACP facades,” he adds.

In the Pressure Equalized System (PER), ACP (aluminium composite panel )strips are used in the grooves of the façade thus enabling to achieve the same colour across the grooves through the façade. Hanging and Male Female Rainscreen systems provide thermal insulation, thus leading to conservation of energy.

Besides systems and the myriads of innovative product finishes, architects have also been wowed by the eye opening 3D displays.

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