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Aluplast has Always been at Forefront of Bringing the Latest Technologies in the Fenestration Industry


Please tell us about the company aluplast India Pvt Ltd and yourself?

aluplast is not a new name in India and has always been known to be a top and premium brand. We have been active in India for the last 15 years. In 2015, we decided to set up a manufacturing unit in Vadodara with the purpose of manufacturing some of the uPVC profile systems to make it a hub in Asia, and to cater to the rest of Asia and Oceanic.

aluplast-extrusion plant at Baroda
aluplast-extrusion plant at Baroda

How long have you been in this business and the Indian market?

I joined aluplast India Pvt. Ltd. in Dec 2021. Before this, I was in a different industry for almost 15 years and worked with another German MNC as Regional Sales Head for the Asian region.

aluplast at their manufacturing plant
Team aluplast at their manufacturing plant

Tell us briefly about your journey with the company over the years?

I am one of the new babies in the fenestration industry as I come from a different industry altogether. However, the last year has been quite eventful. Despite the challenges that we faced due to COVID, the company has come out very strongly posting wonderful sales and production results, all thanks to the great team that we have at aluplast India and all thanks to all our partners who have worked very hard all through this year to post good sales.

aluplast experience center in Saket, New Delhi
aluplast experience center in Saket, New Delhi

Tell us about your major success stories in India in the recent past?

We have recently launched a fantastic range of wooden and aluminium surfaces uPVC profiles in India with textures, which are one of the latest in India. Both these assortments (aludec & woodec) have been received with an overwhelming response from customers across India. In the last month, we displayed our aludec and woodec systems in the Zak Windows and Doors Expo – 2021, Mumbai and we received an amazing response from the visitors.

What are the products offered by aluplast India Pvt Ltd for the façade and fenestration?

Malabar Hills in Aluplast project
The project Malabar Hills

Aluplast being a system provider, we offer various options in sliding and casement systems that can fit all requirements. We have high-end sliding systems like lift-slide and smart-slide to economical systems like the sliding 60 series. Similarly, in casements, a range of combinations is available with us IDEAL 2000 and IDEAL 4000 opening inwards, outwards, or a tilt & turn. The Energeto 5000 series provides excellent sound insulation.

Throw some light on your company’s facilities and infrastructure?

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit is situated in Vadodara, Gujarat. Our profiles go through quality management systems after production and before shipments. In addition, being an innovator, we are more focused on R&D and we develop the systems considering the Indian market. We focus more on providing support to all our fabricators and well architects in designing the right window.

We also recently inaugurated our experience center in Saket, New Delhi, which displays all our latest innovations. We are planning for a few more experience centers all around India; the announcements will come up at a later stage.

Tell us about your channel expansion strategies in the market?

latest innovations by aluplast
The experience centre at Delhi displays all the latest innovations by aluplast

Our markets have grown sharply during the last two years and we need to supplement this growth with new investments in India. Thus, we have a clear growth map project in place for the next few years in India, which shall see aluplast creating new benchmarks in this important market.

Aluplast Project Amangani
Project Amangani

What has been your organisation’s contribution in bringing about the current revolution in the façade and the fenestration sector?

aluplast has always been at forefront of bringing the latest technologies in the fenestration industry as far as uPVC is concerned. We have been known for our premium quality and this is what contributes to the performance of windows in the longer run.

This has helped in generating confidence in minds of customers to rely more on uPVC systems as a better option as compared to other systems. We are committed to spending more on R&D, reducing carbon footprints, and aiming to provide the right solutions to the market that not only perform but also contribute to the environment.

Hillary Field Centre Scott Base, Antarctica in Aluplast project
Hillary Field Centre Extension & Refurbishment, Scott Base, Antarctica

Please tell us about a few of your recently completed /ongoing iconic and innovative projects?

Along with our channel partners, we focus on all kinds of projects be it residential, bungalows, schools, or airports. Our aluplast team in New Zealand has also done a project in Antarctica where the temperature goes as below as -90 degrees. This shows that our systems are designed to sustain extreme climatic conditions.

A few of the projects are below: l Amagini l Metro Buildtech l RNS Bunts School l Private Residence, Kerala l Hillary Field Centre Extension & Refurbishment, Scott Base, Antarctica l IIT, Jodhpur l INS Hansa Airforce Station at Goa, India

Metro Buildtech Project of Aluplast
Metro Buildtech

As per your view, how important is the role of the right profile and system selection helping in achieving façade/fenestration performance, optimum acoustic and thermal insulation as well as the desired aesthetics?

I think it is very important to select the right profile, as profile plays a major part in acoustics and thermal performance. Only aluplast provides numerous lamination/surfaces in wood or aluminium that can match the aesthetics and is available with the co-extruded gasket in India, which ensures excellent sealing against weather and noise.

How well aware do you think the decision-makers like architects and builders are about the availability of the fenestration products, their quality, and standards?

RNS Bunts School in Aluplast
RNS Bunts School

Architects & builders play an important role and are very well versed with current innovations in the markets. Both are very well aware of the fenestration products and know what quality they are recommending to their clients. They know very well that they cannot compromise on a functional area like doors and windows of a house if they want to build a good house. Thus, there is always a huge demand for premium products like aluplast.

What is the emphasis laid on R&D in uPVC profiles, especially for the Indian market?

aluplast has always been known for innovation, whether it is the products like Smart Slide or laminations like woodec and aludec. Aluplast India has its own R&D center which works in tandem with our German headquarters to bring out the right products.

IIT Jodhpur – An iconic project of Aluplast
IIT Jodhpur – An iconic project

What do you see as the main challenges faced by the uPVC Profile industry?

The main challenge that I see is the cheap profiles with the substandard quality available in the market. These cheap profiles are poor in performance and are not manufactured considering the tropical climate. It is important to opt for the right product that has better durability and provides excellent thermal and sound insulation.

How was the business as a whole for the fenestration industry during the pandemic, and how did your brand face the situation? Where do you see the fenestration/ profile industry evolving over the next 5 years?

Despite the pandemic, we had a wonderful business. We had our ups and downs and were challenged with high raw material prices, shipping challenges, and health issues at our facility. However, we are a tough team at aluplast India and have been able to overcome them with proper planning and hard work. We have left those days behind and are now looking forward to an eventful 2022.

Aluplast at INS Hansa Airforce Station at Goa
INS Hansa Airforce Station at Goa, India

Faraz Aqil

Managing Director, aluplast India Private Ltd

Faraz Aqil is the Managing Director of aluplast India Pvt. Ltd., a 100% subsidiary of aluplast GmbH. aluplast is a world leader in uPVC doors and window profile systems. Faraz Aqil, armed with a Master’s in International Business Management, has more than 20 years of senior management experience, with the last 13 years directly heading a German multinational company Mehler Technologies' Asian operations. He has an extensive record of accomplishment in sales, general management, and communication. Aqil oversaw the growth of the company since he started as the first employee. He also had the opportunity to oversee their business in Asia in the last few years.

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