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The Coming Trends in the Façade Industry will Shape a New Future for Aluminium Solutions

By: Ashraf Maher, AMACO

In a conversation with Window & Façade Magazine, Ashraf talked about the journey of AMACO, their products & and projects, major challenges in the industry, and so on. Here are the excerpts

Could you please share the journey of AMACO since its inception?

Being in the aluminium market for more than 40 years allowed us to build a growth mindset, and improve coping and adaption policies to the fast and rapid changes happening in the market especially nowadays.

Our credibility comes from our reputation which is derived from the expertise of Prof. Ahmed Abdelmotteleb (AMACO Chairman) and Eng. Sherif Abdelmotteleb (AMACO CEO) are two of the leading names in the Aluminium field in Egypt and their names associate AMACO with Quality, Trustworthiness, and Goodwill.

The Coming Trends in the Façade Industry will Shape a New Future for Aluminium Solutions

Because we believe history is important in building the future, we pursue every chance of development, whether internal or external.

Due to our development and provision of the best systems and solutions we obtained ISO certificates, we received a lot of appreciation from all the parties we dealt with and this means a lot to our company because we believe that people are at the center of everything we do, from our employees to those who The main concept of our progression is pushing the boundaries of applied architecture, solving technical problems that enable construction, and numerous other areas to reach new heights.

What are the products you offer?

We cover most of the designing and implementation services for modern façades and building envelopes, as anything related to glazing and aluminium:

  • Stick Curtain Walls (SCW)
  • Unitized Curtain Wall (UCW)
  • All types of aluminium doors and windows
  • Multi-skin façades including any perforated aluminium sheets, Aluminium composite panels, expanded mesh, etc.
  • Skylights

In what ways has AMACO prioritized high-quality products and services, and how does the company ensure that its offerings conform to customer specifications and international standards?

designing and implementation services for modern façades

We at AMACO define high-quality products based on performance, intended function, reliability, durability, serviceability, physical features, and customers’ perceptions.

\We are keen to focus on using premium products with the highest possible standards and values based on each project’s needs. Audit Methodology is one of our procedures to monitor production quality. As we know Manpower impacts everything from production to client relationships. That is why we see the selection process as so important as continuous learning. So, we always provide training, workshops, and coaching to our team to stay ahead.

Name some of the projects in which your products have been used.

The projects in which our products have been used are the following:

  • Three sixty Business and Leasure Park, Egypt
  • Rock Capital Project, Egypt
  • Beko Factory – a remarkable LEED-certificated project, in Egypt

Also, we have had many extended projects at Marassai ongoing project for three years now, our scope covering a mass number of top-notch cabanas & chalets in parallel with individual clients’ palaces and villas as well in the same area.

In a rapidly changing industry, how does AMACO stay ahead of the curve in terms of technology, sustainability, and industry best practices?

AMACO Egypt Leading Aluminium Façade Specialist Products

Being in the aluminium market for more than 40 years allowed us to build a growth mindset, and improve coping, and adaption policies to the fast and rapid changes happening in the market especially nowadays.

We always try to stay up to date with the new trends. For us, capacity planning is a priority. Having a capacity planning strategy is a great way to get ahead of the challenges that are sure to arise as well as helps us address possible future issues, take advantage of the benefits that come with planning, improve team performance, and streamline our business tasks for increased efficiency and reduce workflow complexity. Maintaining adequate cash flow helps us maintain financial stability, manage risk, and make decisions based on accurate financial data.

Also, regarding the current market situation, a surplus stock was a must, this is why we have decided to expand our storage which was very beneficial to avoid delays in current projects.

How do you see the current trends for your products in the façade industry in your region?

I guess the coming trends in the façade industry will shape a new future for aluminium solutions. Like merging different components like GRB with curtain walls and glazing instead of ACP or using tensioned fabrics. It gives variety and makes the design more elevated and textured. Also, glazed screens and solar glass are coming strongly to the field.

AMACO stay ahead of the curve in terms of technology

What are the major challenges you find in the industry? How do you overcome those?

The current market situation is causing deprivation of imports and a severe shortage of foreign currency liquidity, a challenge every business faces nowadays. We see that exporting, opening new markets, learning, and developing are the solutions. I believe that these kinds of challenges open new dimensions for business expansion.

What is your vision for the company in the next 5-6 years?

Our vision is to approach international markets. We see promising markets in Libya and Oman but at the moment Saudi Arabia is at the top of our list. We aim to establish our new branch there and cover 30% of facades and aluminium solutions development in 2024. We intend to balance exporting and importing rates by increasing the production of high-quality products that can compete internationally. Opening a training center to enhance our expertise.

Ashraf Maher, AMACO

General Director

Ashraf Maher graduated from the Civil Aviation Academy, Civil Engineering Department, he started his career at one of the leading companies in the aluminium field as a design & technical engineer for almost two years. Then he got promoted to project manager, and five years later, he managed to be responsible for more than one project. Later, he was chosen by a premium multinational aluminium system company to be their Business Development and Technical Manager and established their Egypt branch. Finally, he has been at AMACO since 2021 as the General Director, where he leads with a vision of growth, professionalism, and a focus on developing AMACO’s business to increase the return on investment.

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