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By: Anil Agarwal,

WFM: Please brief us on the history and objective behind the formation of your company – Global Aluminium.

Anil Agarwal (AA): Global Aluminium (P) Ltd was started in the year 1996 with a clear vision and commitment to change the Aluminium extrusion industry from one that sells to one that serves. It started with an Idea to give less importance to revenues and profits but more to quality and service for which today it has become very well-reputed. We started with one press of 1000. M.T. and gradually expanded to 5 extrusion presses catering to the needs of engineering, industrial, electrical, defence etc. Global has expertise on the making of extrusions ranging from 1xxx to 7xxx series alloys and has a well-established name among its clientele and general market. In the year 2010, we entered the field of architecture through marketing, finding out needs and viability and discovered that this area needed a better surface coating and finish that was not available in the country.

The management felt tortured after seeing the samples that had arrived from other countries as these samples exuded flawless finish in anodising and powder coating and compelled our management to go for another integrated plant with 4 Presses (including a 3000 M.T. 9-inch press for larger profiles) and in house anodising, powder coating and value-added machining facilities to ensure a completely flawless surface finish and best value-added product for the ease of further fabrication processing and assembly.

WFM: Please brief on your architectural products

Anil Agarwal (AA): Global aluminium has a wide range of profiles ranging from 10mm to 300 wide with more than 12,000 dies for all the alloys as per EN and those made at special requests of its architectural clients. Global offers a wide array of colours for its top-grade anodizing and powder coating. Global as a part of its ethics and company policy also ensures non-disclosure of any Profiles and designs developed specifically for a client.

WFM: Tell us briefly about your company’s investments in architectural product development and manufacturing facilities.

Anil Agarwal (AA): Apart from unit 1 which has 5 extrusion presses ranging from 700-1800 MT catering to various sectors, Global’s Unit 2 is spread out in 30 Acres of land with more than 25000 Sqm. Built up area with 4 extrusion presses ranging from 700 to 3000 MT with integrated in-house anodizing and powder coating facilities in conformity with the latest technologies. Apart from infrastructure, we have invested in human resources as Global Aluminium over a period has built a core team strength through people with good experience, energy, intellectual capability, ethics and commitment to the vision of the company “Good price, better quality, best service”. Our team has set records for design development, understanding the needs and delivery time.

WFM: Could you please tell us about a few of your latest prestigious projects? Where do you see your company in 2020?

Anil Agarwal (AA): Global is an approved vendor of Lodha, Omkar, Shobha, TCS, Schueco, TRIL, K Raheja group, Reliance, Infosys, Oberoi realty, Prestige, Lanco, L&T, IREO group to name of few and is a proud part of their prestigious projects some of which include World One, World Crest, 1973, Twin Tower, Trump Tower, MTM, Kingfisher Towers (Bangalore); some 5 Star Hotels of Sheraton, J.W. Marriot, Radisson, Hyatt, The park group. Most of our projects are in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata and Hyderabad so far.

Global started with inspiration from American and European countries to cater for the world quality profiles in India as per international norms and quality standards. Due to its continuous perseverance in quality, today it has started exporting to the very European and American countries and aims snow to be a world leader in terms of quality and precision. By 2020 Global aims to successfully bring a revolution in the architectural field by enhancing the quality of its profiles and modern architecture through the usage of harder alloys other than EN 6063 (most commonly used), thereby making the structure lighter, stronger and cost-effective.

WFM: What do you see as the main challenges faced by the architectural aluminium industry?

Anil Agarwal (AA): The main competition that the aluminium industry faces today is from relatively in-expensive but poor-quality substitutes such as UPVC, since these substitutes are cost-effective in the short term but become expensive compared to aluminium in the long run due to their replacement and maintenance. Another challenge Aluminium faces is the lack of consumer education which leads some to turn to poor alternatives or improper selection. Global seeks to redress these issues by providing consumers with education and information, and has been doing well so far.

WFM: What are the advantages Global Aluminium has over its competitors?

Anil Agarwal (AA): Global Aluminium has 100% in-house testing facilities for quality and finish. Global uses only primary homogenized billets for a refined grain structure, enabling better mechanical properties and offers a wide range of alloys and products with customization and specialisation for each customer’s needs. Global has a wide network of PAN INDIA allowing for easy contact and support for better service. Global has the advantage of in-house value addition of surface coating and machining which helps in reducing the transit time and handling of material that avoids damages, enhances quality and promotes accountability for the product’s quality.

Apart from this, Global is a team of strong core technicians who understand the customer’s needs regarding dies and extrusion applications thus suggesting the best possible course and attaining the ultimate satisfaction of customer needs. The global technical team is the most competent and the fastest in the market to respond and deliver. In Global, we also place emphasis on customer relationship management and believe in building long-term business relations with our clients and can proudly say that in the 20 years since its inception, no client has opted out of Global Aluminium.

Anil Agarwal,

Managing director

Anil Agarwal, Managing Director of Global Aluminium Pvt. Ltd, has over 21 years of experience in the Aluminium Extrusion Line commercially and technically. Anil Agarwal is a firm believer in professional ethics, morals and forging long-term relations with anyone he conducts business with. He quotes his father as his inspiration, for imparting a strict sense of ethics, morality, business acumen and a sense of building a long-term vision and long term business relations to bring stability and sustainability. He also believes in team work and heads a strong team built of individuals who are experts in their areas. Agarwal treats his company employees as an extended global family and supports their trials and errors for constant improvement and creation of new or complicated profiles and surface finishes. His mantra to success is a two part principle: first being providing the best quality possible and not chasing profits, the second being serving the customer’s needs and product application rather than just supplying extrusion profiles that fall within specifications and tolerances. Anil Agarwal spoke to WFM about his company, their various products and the company’s long-term objectives.

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