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Aspect Terracotta louvers by Wienerberger


Aspect Terracotta louvers are often designed and used in front of glass curtain walls, window area, passages, etc., producing a passive shading effect for the building.

These louvers can also be used as a special architectural design element when used alone. Terracotta louvers can create a unique visual effect on the building’s façade in conjunction with the shadows they cast onto the façade. When designed together with Aspect façade tiles, the louvers can be integrated seamlessly in corners, parapets, eaves, balconies, parking buildings, etc. achieving a harmonious and integral façade.

Aspect Terracotta louvers
Aspect terracotta louvers can be installed horizontally and vertically

Aspect terracotta louvers can be extruded in various shapes and profiles, including squares, ovals, triangles, and circular crosssections. They can be customized to other irregular shapes as well. The most commonly used profile is a 50×50 mm box profile and in the length of 1000 -1500 mm.

TG50F1/ TG50H1/ TG50R1

One can install louvers horizontally and vertically flexibly and conveniently using the fixing component by Wienerberger. Based on the building’s orientation and elevation, Aspect terracotta louvers can be installed at a certain angle and spacing. This is vital to achieving good control of solar radiation/glare.

Features of Aspect terracotta louvers:

Aspect Terracotta louvers
  • A creative element for a unique architectural design
  • Can be used as a sunscreen and visual screen or simply as a unique design element
  • Natural terracotta is fired at a temperature of 1200ºC
  • It has good flexural strength and freeze-thaw resistance.
  • The product is fade proof and is not affected by UV radiation
  • Available in standard colours and also with engobes and glazes
  • Loosen up big surfaces
  • Breeds volume with its shadows
  • Control glare and incident solar radiation
  • Individual special forms are possible

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