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Façade is the Architect’s opportunity to make a statement. Modern architecture has witnessed fascinating examples of visually enterprising facade statements. The architect’s vision is exemplified through the use of design and building elements that can lend a sense of uniqueness to a building almost akin to creating a special identity that sets the building apart from any other.

In today’s world of technology and engineering advancement, the facades of buildings have found a unique place in terms of priority when it comes to construction. The mere aesthetics is not the only contributing factor that a façade can make towards the construction of the building, but also many functional aspects that can help this single element play a crucial role in the construction or post-construction stage. The façade, in a way, can be seen as a sort of “interface” between the inner and outer environs.

By definition, good architecture implies an unending creative quest for new applications. The use of clay for facade cladding is perfectly attuned to this philosophy. Clay facade tiles have already been used for protecting dormer windows, gables end and blind facades. But they also offer major technical and architectural advantages as facade cladding.

Facade and curtain wall systems are of paramount importance when considering issues of green building and sustainable design. It becomes imperative for a building construction specialist to understand the importance of improving the performance and sustainability of the building envelope. The high environmental cost to ‘all that glitters’ leads to increased energy consumption. Until new glazing technologies make technical solutions more affordable, many experts suggest that we should collectively end our infatuation with conventional materials and look for more environmental friendly materials like “Clay” as façade options.

Wienerberger’s Aspect Ventilated Clay Facades have helped architects across Asia to create buildings that lend a special character to the neighbourhood itself. A correctly executed facade cladding, with clay façade tiles, is an excellent heat insulator.

Thanks to its mass, ceramic has a high heat buffering capacity. The effect is as if the house were sheathed in a continuous second skin. This minimizes heat loss in winter and prevents overheating during summer. In addition, thick layers of insulating material can be inserted between the load-bearing structure and the ceramic facade. This facilitates meeting the strictest U-value requirements for vertical walls as well. Clay tiles have good acoustic insulating properties.

Façade elements made from clay whether in the form of facing bricks or cladding tiles, lie in subtlety, symmetry, natural elegance and timeless perfection, making this an interesting finish for modern buildings and refurbishments. Compelling harmony is even achievable in locations with sensitive planning issues like being adjacent to historical structures.

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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

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