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Door Hardware Overview

By: Aravind Manohar, dormakaba

Door hardware represents a small investment relative to the total cost of a facility, typically 1 to 3 per cent of the overall facility construction cost. But door hardware has an impact on the facility out of proportion to their cost. The appearance and function of the doors and hardware are scrutinised daily by building occupants and visitors. Door hardware is more than just a cosmetic consideration. In fact, it plays a role in the operational integrity of a building, and more crucially, is a key element of a facility’s fire safety and security.

Present Market

Anti-ligature hardware
Anti-ligature hardware

In early 2000, there were only one or two players, but today almost all leading global players are directly or indirectly present in India, and now we can see many quality players in India. Fancy door handles are trending within the door hardware market, and so is the demand for longer door hardware. The new building models accommodate doors and entrances with an expanded height and weight is one of the trends in the door hardware market.

The Future Outlook for Door Hardware Market Hardware for Fire Doors:

Emergency Rescue HardwareEmergency Rescue Hardware
Emergency Rescue Hardware

Fire doors and their accompanying hardware, in particular, require special attention. Install equipment that is inefficient, and suddenly you could put a whole building’s network of fire safety measures at risk. And in light of this year’s debate on the government’s planned fire safety reforms, the importance of function-specific door hardware is now more valued than ever.

Recessed exit device
Recessed exit device

Anti-Ligature Hardware:

Anti-ligature hardware, also known as ligature-resistant hardware, is a design that prevents a patient from tying an object to it to harm himself or herself. Anti-ligature hardware must also, like all hardware, comply with Disability Act standards. Good anti-ligature hardware is something that anyone Anti-ligature hardware can use but something that does not pose a threat to patients. Patients will not see it as an opportunity for self-harm

Emergency Rescue Hardware:

Rescue hardware is used on swinging bathroom doors in facilities where there is a higher likelihood that someone might fall against the door inside a bathroom, preventing the door from being opened to aid the person inside. Rescue hardware is typically used in hospitals, nursing homes, and sometimes doctors’ offices. Under normal operation, the door opens into the bathroom, but if someone falls against the door and blocks it, rescue hardware allows the door to swing out of the bathroom.

Delayed Egress Hardware:

Delayed egress hardware
Delayed egress hardware

Delayed egress hardware prevents a door from being opened from the egress side, usually for a period of 15 seconds. This type of device is often used to prevent theft while maintaining life safety.

Door Hardware Sustainability GraphThe system is most commonly comprised of an exit device incorporating delayed egress features, or an electromagnetic lock and power supply, one of which would contain delayed egress circuitry. When the device is actuated, the door remains locked on the egress side for 15 seconds and then releases to allow egress. Before specifying or supplying delayed egress hardware, you must verify that it is allowed to be used in the applicable occupancy classification, and be aware of the other code requirements that pertain to the use of this product.

Recessed Exit Device:

Door handles from dormakaba
Door handles from dormakaba

A recessed exit device is a special type of exit device which are recessed into the door, INPACT maintains a low profile presence in a big way. The device projects only 1 1/4” (32mm) off the face of the door while in the open position, making it ideal for corridor doors. When doors are held open, this minimal projection provides more room for people and equipment to pass. And, when an object such as a cart or dolly does bang into the device, the sloped endcaps deflect the object away from the door, protecting the device and the door.


There is no doubt that doors, including door hardware and accessories, are one of the most important architectural elements for safety. They are also the gateways to create a visually pleasing environment. The right door hardware and accessories can boost the aesthetic appeal and reputation on a daily basis while creating peace of mind. However, on more challenging days, they act as the first defender to protect you against dangers and intruders and even life-threatening risks. In the market, there are Door Hardware Consultants who deliver innovative access and security solutions for the differing requirements within the healthcare, education, hospitality, transport, and commercial markets.

Aravind Manohar, dormakaba

Door Hardware Consultant

Aravind Manohar has over 8 years of experience in door hardware specification, business development, and new market development. He is an active member of Door and Hardware Institute, the USA since 2015. He has worked extensively with AHJs, contractors, and architects in the Middle East, India, and the Asia Pacific, assisting and advising the various stakeholders on matters relating to new products, standards, testing, and code compliance.

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