Durian presents Exterior Grade Compact Laminates (EGCL), a self-supporting compact grade HPL (High Pressure Laminate) that’s ready to withstand every shortfall seen in other external application substrates. A durable and highly versatile product, it is recommended for exterior applications which need a decorative look and long-lasting strength. The material is decorative on both sides making it a functional choice for panelling as well.

The strength of EGCL gives it an added advantage when compared to other external surface decoration materials. The laminate range is easy to apply, maintain, replace and handle. The sturdy range has been tested and certified by Environment and Public Health (EPH) for a life cycle of 3000 hours.

The collection can withstand adverse weather conditions owing to the imported Anti-Graffiti Film used on it.

The film provides extra strength for the laminates, protecting their colour and design from fading. The range provides a warranty of 10 years on colour fading.

The film protect against acid etching, gouges, tagging and most scratches. It rejects Ultra Violet Rays up to 99%, making the product UV resistant.

Along with being resistant to water and termites, the range is flame retardant (up to Grade 2) and can resist borers too. Meeting the international standard EN 438, EGCL has high resistance to abrasion and is eco-friendly. The product meet ISO 14001 standards to reduce its environmental impact.


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