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Enhance the Style of Interiors with Secco Plus GI Windows & Doors


Secco Plus

Taking the advantage of important features of galvanized steel, (Galvanized steel’s elastic modulus is 3 times higher and thermal conductivity 4 times lower than aluminum alloys), NCL – the largest manufacturer of sustainable and energy saving windows in India, launched Secco Plus an exclusive range of GI windows and doors in wood texture of high quality. The systems are backed by world’s best technology, research and 25 years of industry experience.

Secco Plus systems complement modern architecture and the latest contemporary design with door, window and curtain wall systems of all kinds, which are characterized by slender profiles. Elegance of Secco Plus Systems further enhance the style of the interiors.

Secco Plus GI Windows are the latest systems in the evolution of Seccolor GI windows used in fenestration, and delivers extremely high performance in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation, remarkably long maintenance-free life and flawless functionality that lasts.

Secco Plus series doors and windows are made of a specific steel alloy (as per Is513), with a hot zinc coating equivalent to 120 gr/sq m on both sides (as per IS277) that can protect the profile from oxidation on both sides. The subsequent finishing process, called skinpassing, allows a better paint grip thanks to polyester powders baked at 180° and supplied in wood texture finish.

Secco Plus doors and windows are strong, maintenance free and economical. Also durable with high UV resistance. Secco Plus Ajantha series casement windows offer high thermal and acoustic insulation. They stop leakages. The specially designed EPDM gaskets give perfect sealing that prevents heat from entering the room. Resulting in reduced load on AC and huge energy savings. Owing to an intense designing, modeling and certifying activity, the new ‘SECCO Plus’ sliding door achieves top-of-the-industry performance with unique features that combine beauty, quality and comfort without compromising on environmental safety.

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Secco plus gi windows
Secco Plus Gi Windows

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