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Exclusive Exterior Grade Cladding from Greenlam


Greenlam, one of the market leaders in decorative laminates in the Asian continent, offers an exclusive range of exterior grade compact laminate cladding that are specially designed to beautify your exteriors. Their state-of-theart exterior cladding panels effuse elegance with tasteful patterns that can enhance the look of all kinds of outer surfaces.

If you want to incorporate a rich and gorgeous finish and complement it with your luxurious house, then exterior grade compact laminates are the best option for you. The exterior clads come with an unmatched GLE technology that makes them fade resistant, resistant to microbial threats, weather-proof and fireretardant, hence apt for exteriors. Façades activate space, drawing out relationships between light, environment and view.

Cladded facade

They also accommodate varying levels of privacy. Adding warmth and elegance, facades are designed through studies in transparency and liminal conditions. Together, they show how we can frame new perspectives by rethinking how we connect to everyday cladding.

Talking about the upcoming trends in the wall cladding space, wood finishes and neutral solid colours will be the style icons. Greenlam believes that abstract patterns and wood finishes stand the test of time and will be very popular in the coming years as well. Interestingly, increased awareness of texture is coming to the forefront in the cladding space.

Amidst these wonderful designs, Greenlam clads can withstand extreme temperature conditions and have excellent light fastness property with 3 layers of UV protection. They are also antigraffiti and chemical resistant and saves up to 30% energy. These are ventilated façades, which makes them ideal for different weather conditions.

Greenlam exteriors clads come in a variety of finishes, such as, Lawa Stone and Vermillion Red, Natural Wood which are a perfect example of a classy combination of stone and wood finishes. Added colours to outside spaces, durability and resilience make the exterior clads withstand years or use without any wear and tear of the product.

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