Gone are the days when stone, clay bricks, composite panels were the only options to look at for cladding. In the current scenario, there is a drastic shift in the way cladding is perceived and the architects, developers as well as the end users are looking for something which is new, has good quality, is sustainable over a period of time, can survive all kinds of weather conditions and at the same time is cost effective.This is where products like FunderMax have a definitive edge over contemporaries as they provide customized cladding solutions to the user. With a diverse and beautiful portfolio to offer their customers for both exteriors and interiors across the segments of residential, commercial spaces, retail, hospitality, etc., FunderMax High Pressure Laminates enjoy a reputation of being the numero-uno brand in the genre of new age cladding material and can be used for numerous applications.

 Individual Decors: FunderMax also offers Individual Decors for the aficionados of exclusivity, giving them various options whereby they can choose decors from a range of standardized designs available or alternatively create decors of their preference and liking. These aesthetically appealing Individual Decors have all the technical features of FunderMax compact panels.

Installation Technique: FunderMax exterior panels are installed by the Rear Ventilation Concept which helps in energy saving as well as helps in achieving good acoustic performance while preserving the indoor environment.

Integrated Solution Provider: FunderMax High Pressure Laminates’ unparalleled features break the monotony of conventional façade cladding. While FunderMax enjoys immense success globally, the company’s strategic positioning as an integrated solution provider has helped it build trust in the conservative Indian market as well.

The future belongs to those who endeavor to innovate and can translate the complex lexicon and issues of the specialized sectors into conceivable, impactful solutions.

FunderMax opens up a whole new world of possibilities “for people who create”

So, invent with the innovative and reach out at www.fundermax.at or call at +91 80 4111 7004.

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