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Facade Design Ideas


A building façade is an elegant component and the final realization of the architect’s creative vision that plays a huge factor in defining the unique architectural aesthetics of the building. Understanding the latest trend data around facade design helps us in creating a comfortable, healthy, secure, and safe environment. After COVID, people have come to realize the value of homes as so much time was spent in them, and in the coming year, people are still expected to spend some more time in their homes, which has influenced design in varied ways.

Desiring for open space and nature has led architects and designers to find new and creative ways to combine sustainable materials for energy efficiency by incorporating high-quality insulated facade design, alongside durable exterior elements like steel panel and siding that offer the required energy performance and produce a great experience for users.

There is a wide choice of different materials when it comes to exterior facade design for homes, from wooden facades that have gained ground in the past few years, to metal or stone cladding. The use of glass on the other hand offers decorative and functional elements. Using colorful facades or combinations of differently sized faced panels in unique arrangements accentuates distinct features.

If you are constructing your home or want to spruce up the existing facade, here are some great facade design ideas to consider:-

Trending Facade Designs

Wooden facade

This beautiful home with a wooden facade offers intimacy and coziness and adds richness and texture to the house.

Wood Facade Design

Exterior Stone Facade

Stones when works with neutral colors become a spectacular accent and a focal point of the exterior. This cladding material ages very well and gives rustic beauty to the home.

Exterior Stone Facade

Large Sliding Glass Walls

Sliding exterior glass walls are the most recognized element of modern homes. Large glass panels open up the indoor-outdoor flow merging nature and technology.

Glass Facade Design

Tile Facade Cladding

Porcelain tiles are the most suitable and excellent alternative among all cladding materials for home construction due to their enhanced properties like moisture, durability, light-weight, weather resistance, and color-fastness.

Tile Cladding Facade Design

Two-layer Exterior Facade

This contemporary house with a long-line horizontal abode protects from the harsh sun with elements such as glass and metal covering creating a unique and luxurious look.

Two-layer exterior facade

High-Pressure Laminates (HPL)

The use of high-pressure laminates gives a modern-chic look to the home and comes in a multitude of color, shades, and patterns.

High Pressure Laminate facade design

Less is more

The exterior of this house catches your attention with its simplicity, minimal color scheme with a monochrome base, and a few neat details like glass railing that ensures a sense of lightness and is a perfect example of elegance and sophistication.

Modern Facade Design

Combination of Traditional and Modern Facade

If you are up for experimentation with your outdoor facade design see this modern and traditional mix style house used latticed metal in the facade as jalis creating a mystic effect and adding drama to the exteriors.

Combination of Modern and Traditional Facade Design

Creative Facade Lighting

There are various ways to light up the facade from floor spots, wall lights, LED strips, to ceiling spots. A bit of creative lighting can enhance the overall look and illuminate the surrounding atmosphere.

Creative Facade Lighting Design


Writer Credit: Ar. Jahnavi Malhotra

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