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Perfecting Fenestration: Lapkaman Project, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

By: Dr. H.C. Mario Schmidt, Lingel Windows & Doors Technologies Private Limited

Executing the project of installing over 300 windows for three family villas at Lapkaman, Ahmedabad was not an easy task. Here is the detail of the challenging project.

Individual villas
Individual villas for three members with more than 300 windows in total

The Challenge

Executing three individual villas for three family members with more than 300 windows in total within the same plot, following the individual design, taste and aesthetics, and maintaining the overall look of all three villas as one structure, was a challenge. It was also a challenge to unite the different aesthetic expectation of the owners so that the overall concept of the building remained the same. Multiple sample approval lead to the slow execution of the project, but it was completed as per the time frame calculated and given by the owner.

Family villas at Lapkaman
Family villas at Lapkaman, Ahmedabad

The Task

The task included collaboration and development with Lingel R&D team at the headquarter in Germany, on site planning with the steel contractor, etc. Lingel had taken the entire responsibility of fabrication of each window as per actual size due to on site fabrication tolerances of the steel sub frames.

Lingel had taken the entire responsibility of fabrication of each window
Lingel had taken the entire responsibility of fabrication of each window

Unique Aspects of the Project

The project required the installation of more than 300 individual doors and windows with over 500 glasses in total, with inbuilt security grill as per colour chosen by the customer. Special handle colour and design were developed for this project. Special McCoy chain meshes were used for windows. Customised internal doors as uPVC doors confirming each height individually as per actual site measurement were provided, ensuring uniformity. With an overall execution time of more than two and a half years to handover, each window as an individual masterpiece to the customer was the main challenge.


      Parameter                       Details of impact
Thermal transmission All windows are double glazes with Ug 2.8w/Sq mK, Frame 1.8w/Sq mK
Acoustic values Double-glazed windows providing Rw of glass of 32 dB
Air permeability Not tested and no specific requirement. But all casement and fixed glazing with double gasket sealing are considered and tested air tight
Water permeability Not tested and no specific requirement for this residence villa from the customer’s end. It is actually monsoon proof as there was no water entry during monsoon within the building


Maintaining Quality, Execution and Time Line

All the products were fabricated as per actual size. Lingel had the responsibility of correct measurement. The site team coordinated with the civil contractor, relevant agencies, as well as the architects and provided the final action plan to the customer/project management.

Family villa at Lapkaman
All the products were fabricated as per actual size

This particular project took its time in execution as it was a masterpiece project by the architect for the owner families.

Lingel is a certified ISO 9001/2015 since 2010. Fabrication of windows and doors is done as per uPVC Window Manufacturers Association (UWDMA) guideline and UWDMA proposed BIS standard for uPVC doors and windows as well as EN 12608.


Fact File:
Project: Lapkaman
Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Client: Nehul Patel
Architect: OHM Design
Consultants: Patwa and associates, Ahmedabad
Profile surface: Renolit
Glass: Saint Gobain
Glass processor: Kainath Bhiwadi
Hardware: Siegenia & Lingel SS 304
Design software: PrefCo Germany
Silicon: McCoy Soudal
Fixing fastener: Wuerth Germany
Fabrication machine: URBAN Germany
Total value of façade (in INR): 1.16Cr
Total façade/door window area: 8200 Sq ft
Commencement Date: August 2016
Completion Date: May 2018

Dr. H.C. Mario Schmidt, Lingel Windows & Doors Technologies Private Limited

Managing Director

Mario Schmidt is the Managing Director of Lingel Windows and Doors Technologies Private Limited. Besides establishing the company and making it one of the top 10 companies in India, he has helped in creating new windows like Smart Windows. He is the President of uPVC Window Manufacturers Association (uWDMA). Mario Schmidt is a voracious reader and an orator, who can speak on varied topics related to the industry. He has been a part of various panels and has expressed his views on various forums related to the industry. His intense knowledge of the product and vast experience in the field has helped foray and make a mark in the market. He has actively participated as a panellist at various events and has been actively associated with events like ZAK.

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