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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

Fenesta’s Legacy – Driven by Innovation, Perseverance & Passion


A family-owned business established in the pre-independence era way back in 1889, DCM Shriram Ltd., is a global conglomerate with diverse business interests in Agri-Rural/Chloro-Vinyl and Value-Added Business. Fenesta is amongst the innovative ventures of the Rs. 8308 crore worth of the company, which rose to prominence by leading the path of development and innovation.

A lot has changed in Indian homes since Fenesta made its foray into the market 18 years back with ready-to-install Windows and Doors. The brand has gone way beyond market and sales competition changing people’s perception of the ubiquitous windows and doors in their homes. It has shifted their focus to the importance of living spaces that shuts off the menace of all kinds of pollution. Tenacious and backed by science and eco-friendly practices, the brand brought about a profound makeover in people’s lifestyles with a far-reaching impact on their health and wellness. Fenesta raises a toast to celebrate 18 years of innovation, customer love, and success!

Fenesta windows & doors Manufacturing facility at Kota
Manufacturing facility at Kota

Fenesta’s uPVC Windows – Protecting Millions of Homes and Counting:

Fenesta’s uPVC Windows are suitable for India’s extreme weather conditions that need robust technology and advanced scientific inputs to address concerns of ultraviolet rays, tropical heat, monsoon storms, coastal winds, and 100% relative humidity. Fenesta windows are totally insulated from air, dust and noise pollution. Rainwater seepage especially through windows is a thing of the past. Significant energy savings were made possible, lowering electricity bills and reducing the carbon footprint. Add to these customized solutions, strength, exceptional durability, zero maintenance and round-the-year proactive service, a yardstick that windows are measured by today. Fenesta offers all these and much more, building lasting relationships with its customers.

Fenesta’s Ultra-Luxury Aluminium Windows and Doors are a style statement enhancing living spaces. Aluminium is a naturally green material – found in abundance, has tensile and malleability properties and is 100% recyclable. It reduces deforestation and global warming.

State-of-the-art Internal Doors made of hybrid polymer that combines the aesthetics of wood and the durability of polymer from Fenesta are available in four colours – White Oak, Natural Oak, Teak and Walnut. Available in plain and designer finish they are termite and water-resistant; they do not expand or contract with temperature extremes the way wooden doors are prone to and also require negligible maintenance. Fenesta doors are available as ready-to-install integrated door solution systems, which include the frame, trim, panel, lockset, handle, hinges, stopper, buffer, transportation, installation and post-sales service which makes them One-Stop Door Solution. The hassle-free installation is done by well-trained company professionals. Fenesta also offers its customers prompt and comprehensive aftersales service, to ensure maximum peace of mind!

State-of-the-art internal doors from Fenesta
State-of-the-art internal doors from Fenesta

Today, Fenesta is reaching out to its customers with a vast network of dealers and Signature Studios. Fenesta covers 350+ cities with its product portfolio offering more than 1000 design options to both retail and institutional customers. AR-enabled Fenesta APP and a 360-degree VR-enabled Studio walkthrough help customers experience the products in a showroom-like environment within the safety of their homes. The brand endeavours to make it more futuristic while adding newer technologies for a better customer experience.

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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

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