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Protection Against Noise Pollution with Sound Insulated Windows


Noise pollution can be defined as regular exposure to excessive sound levels that may lead to adverse effects on humans and other living beings. Noise pollution is one of the greatest threats to human health and life quality.

Noise is not just creating irritation to someone, but at certain levels and duration’s of exposure, it can cause physical damage to the eardrum and result in temporary or permanent hearing loss. Excessive noise is also a reason for various other health problems like high blood pressure, irritability, mental fatigue, sleep disorder and anxiety, etc.

Noise Insulated uPVC Windows Excessive Noise Pollution – Reasons

Excessive noise pollution is commonly generated by rail, air and road traffic, industrial and construction activities and outdoor loud music or usage of loudspeakers.

The world is getting noisier and noisier and there is no nearby solution to curb this menace. The normal human ear can detect sounds that range between 0 dB (hearing threshold) and about 140 dB, with sounds between 120 dB and 140 dB causing pain (pain threshold).

Noise Insulated uPVC Windows

Noise has been proved to be detrimental to health – both physical and psychological. It is more important than ever to prevent this noise from penetrating your home or office. In this modern world, you cannot avoid such noises unless you have some specialized solution to it. One such solution is to replace your old wooden windows with new modern uPVC windows and doors, which prevent excessive outside noises.

Noise Insulated uPVC Windows – Preventing Noise Pollution

Our home should be an oasis of peace, quiet and comfort. This is where we should be able to switch off and relax from the daily stress. Typically, windows are the thinnest areas of the façade, therefore the right choice of components will not only considerably reduce disturbing noise from outside but can also prevent it completely.

Noise Insulated uPVC Windows Windows are the Thinnest Areas of the Façade, therefore the Right choice of Components will not only considerably Reduce Disturbing Noise from Outside but can also prevent it Completely

The latest generation of high performance uPVC windows plays an important role in our general well-being. These windows ensure that noise stays outside as well as providing protection against break-ins.

Additionally, the high insulating levels help to reduce energy costs substantially. By installing these uPVC windows, we can take the right step towards a quiet and cosy living environment, which, in the long term, maintains the value of your property.

How Do Sound Insulated uPVC Windows Work?

To reduce sound, there should be a barrier between the sound and the ear that captures the sound. Homes do that with walls, roofs, and windows that block sound waves from entering. There are few factors that prevent transmission of sound through the windows:

• The right choice of glazing and frames

• Add air space (increase the distance between window panes)

• Correct sealing of perimeters joints during installation

As these sound insulated uPVC windows are modern and manufactured with high quality and innovative uPVC profiles, they should be purchased from a reputed company.

Noise Insulated uPVC Windows

Such companies provide the right solution suited to your personal needs and the latest window technology with highly stable uPVC profiles and special functional glazing for effective sound insulation, leaving the everyday noise outside. The windows from good brands come up to the European standard for sound insulation DIN EN ISO 1401/1-3 (highest sound insulation).

Sound protection begins with competent advice and reaches perfection when the windows are installed by specialists. The installation of these modern noise protection windows belongs in the hands of an expert.

Noise Insulated uPVC Windows Windows that Block Sound Waves from Entering a Room

He advises you in the selection and takes into account the sound transmission class suitable for your living environment. He makes sure that the windows are installed properly so that they are sealed tightly to the masonry for the full noise protection effect. Therefore, if you are looking for living in peace with quality life and better health, choose a brand having a rich legacy and an expert team in this industry.

Farid Khan

Director and CEO

Farid Khan, Director and CEO, Profine India, has 24 years of experience in diverse industries serving in India and Middle East. He holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration with major in Marketing and Honours Degree in Chemistry. A guiding force to reckon with in uPVC windows and doors industry in India and has been instrumental in establishing the footprints of profine GmbH, one of world’s leading manufacturers of uPVC profiles for windows and doors by forming the Indian subsidiary and setting up of local state of the extrusion facility in Vadodara, Gujarat. Under his leadership profine India with its brand Koemmerling is having further exponential expansion plans. He is focusing in making India the hub for export opportunities due to its strategic geographical location.

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