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Fenesta’s High-Tech uPVC Windows and Doors for Winters


Fenesta ’s new range of high-tech uPVC windows and doors for winters is a perfect solution to tackle extreme weather conditions in winter season. The windows has inbuilt vision control function that helps maintain privacy indoors even without curtains, shades or blinds. These windows and doors support Fenesta’s new campaign – “Shut the shor, use Fenesta windows and doors,” says Saket Jain, Business Head, Fenesta.

These newly launched uPVC windows provide complete insulation from rain, wind, noise and temperature. It blocks cold waves, heavy rains and withstands high-velocity winds of up to 245 kmph without rattling the window panes, making them ideal for high rise buildings and heavy monsoon areas.

uPVC Windows
uPVC Windows Provide Complete Insulation from Rain, Wind, Noise and Temperature

Susmita Nag, Head of Sales and Marketing, Fenesta Building Systems, says, “Switch glass windows is a revolutionary window solution which gives you the flexibility to control the vision of your glass windows at a click of your remote. Its piezoelectric effect lets the glass switch from opaque to clear. When the power inside a room is off, liquid crystals are scattered, turning the glass opaque. When you switch on the power, the crystals align themselves, turning the glass clear and open to scenic views”.

Fenesta uPVC Windows
The Windows with Dual Seal and Multi-Chambered Design

Apart from switch glass windows, Fenesta has introduced lift and slide windows, slide and fold windows, villa windows, corner sliders, trims, Georgian bars and internal doors in its new range of feature-rich products with timeless aesthetics.

A villa window is a rare combination of style, substance, sealing and security. It is the only uPVC casement in the world with a twin sash, a bug mesh and a grill built into the system. The villa windows ensure protection from mosquitoes, other insects and theft without sacrificing on ventilation. They also reduce heat loss and noise infiltration due to dual seal and multi-chambered design.

Corner sliders are perfect for turning cozy nooks into corner balconies or garden spaces, these are fitting designs for contemporary spaces. Trims make windows stand out as an architectural focal point, enhancing the overall appeal. Georgian bars improve the aesthetic value of homes while bringing you closer to nature. Fenesta has also launched all new range of its state-of-the-art internal doors made up of hybrid polymer. Available in both plain and designer finish, these doors combine the aesthetics of wood and durability of a polymer. They are waterproof, decay proof, termite proof and do not witness any expansion or contraction, cracking or fading.

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Sudhakar Windows and Doors

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