Can you brief us about your journey in India?

FOM INDUSTRIE – Italy, started selling machines in India way back from 2005 onwards through Hydro Building system, and in 2009 opened its subsidiary as FOM Aluminium machines Pvt Ltd. We have our operations HO located in Bangalore, with wear housing of machines and spare parts to support our customers.

Today We are proud of having installed 50+ CNC machining centers, 2500+ machines, and approximately 400+ happy customers located across India. Apart from this, FOM has installed two state-of-the-art 12 spindle machining centers, which are unique and first-of-their-kind in India. We are enjoying serving customers of all segments from corporate to small and medium-size fabricators. We are happy to say 60% of our business is thru repeated buyers, and this speaks all.

How do you differentiate FOM from other suppliers?

Firstly, thanks to our machines, we follow excellent design philosophy, wherein, all the machines, roll out of our factory are contemporary with the latest innovation. We constantly upgrade our machines and incorporate the latest technology into our machines. We are also supplying machines to many major system companies across Europe and the USA as OEM, which is very unique with FOM. Many system companies work very closely with FOM for feasibility study while developing their systems, and our machines are capable of handling all possible variants of the systems in the present and future. FOM has an excellent in-house manufacturing capability, limiting the outsourcing of components, helping FOM to achieve quality components in every stage.

Brief us about Your operations in India

We have factory-trained engineers in place across India, our engineers and managers are located in Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Delhi. This will help us to maintain a large number of customers at ease. We stock the required spare parts at Bangalore HO to support customers on time and every time, we maintain stock of machines helping customers to plan better, reducing the delivery time for machines.

How do you support customers to choose the right machine?

FOM INDIA being a subsidiary of Italy, we have a perfectly integrated front office and technical office with Italy, and we have a team of experienced technical staff in India, trained at factories in Italy to understand the machines better, and their applications in all respect. Our advantage is we keep the TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP in mind while selecting the right machines, so that cost of maintaining/ handling machines will be minimal in long term. We study the requirement and customers’ expectations, and offer a best-suited solution, without compromising the purpose of the customer.

We educate our customers regarding the selection of machines to suit their purpose and budget so that customers feel comfortable to start the factory with many inputs from us. We always insist our customers first choose the right supplier/ partner and follow their suggestion to choose the right machine and solution, instead of negotiating with many suppliers. We always advise customers to hire qualified and experienced engineers on the shop floor for better utility of technology used in machines.

Brief us on your observation on machine maintenance and usage in India

We observe both extremes, wherein machines are monitored and managed professionally, and in some cases, machines are used till they cry for servicing. We always suggest customers approach the seller, for proper timely servicing and right spare parts for better performance and longer life of machines, instead of approaching local freelancers and unauthorized service persons, wherein they will compromise on spares to be used and spoil the machines, which will be very expensive to the customer at a later date. We offer an annual maintenance contract at a reasonable price, to upkeep the better health of installed machines. We also provide a checklist on periodic maintenance, so that customers can follow and maintain the optimal health of the machine.

How do you see India in the next few years ahead?

As free India turns 75 years, it is going to be an interesting journey ahead for all of us in the building and construction segment. India being a young democratic country compared to the west, wherein shelter /housing is being addressed slowly and gaining good pace now, and the real estate market is also very young and emerging, giving good hopes to all of us in this segment, I hope this will continue till at least next three decades to reach an optimum level and to change to next orbit.

Tell us about your new launch/release of machines?

We have launched new generation machining centers with lots of innovation and with patented technologies, FMC 470-4Axis CNC, FMC 340 4 Axis CNC, and FMC 120 3 Axis CNC, which have gained popularity in Europe and USA, all machines are with Industry 4 readiness, keeping future revolution in manufacturing engineering.

For more details,  contact: FOM Aluminium Machines Pvt. Ltd. # 96, 3rd Phase, Peenya Industrial Estate, Bangalore 560058, India
Mobile: 9008489134 Tel: 080-42111136/37
Fax: 080-28391775

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