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Tips to Extract the Best Performance from FunderMax HPL


FunderMax High-Pressure Laminates (HPL) serves several important functional and aesthetic purposes simultaneously. Apart from the attractive impact, it has on the appearance (in nature, stone, material, plain or customised digital patterns) of a building, the panels serve a much more critical role in providing thermal insulation, water protection and reduced noise pollution.

FunderMax HPL Exterior Panels
The primary differentiator of the FunderMax Rear Ventilated Façade system is the ventilation gap that separates the façade from the building structure. This decorative cladding acts as a screen that keeps off rain, heat, wind and noise away from the wall. The installation, along with insulation materials, adds to the energy efficiency of a building.

FunderMax exterior panels offer a great deal of creative freedom for architects to try a variety of designs for exterior claddings. FunderMax panels comprise natural fibres (65%) and synthetic resins.

The panels can be used for applications like façade claddings, balcony claddings, partitions, fences, attic claddings, outdoor furniture, tabletops, public facilities, playground facilities, sports facilities, sun protection, awnings, business entry portals, recording studios, children’s play areas and interior specialised applications like toilet cubicles, etc.

Other properties of FunderMax panels include optimal light fastness, and resistance to scratches, solvents, impact, bends, frost and heat. These features make the panels highly robust and long-lasting and help cut down energy bills.

FunderMax India is also a member of the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) and its products can be used in constructing green buildings.

To ensure that FunderMax installation performs well for a long time, here are a few tips that one needs to follow:


  • All HPLs must be installed using a Rear Ventilated Façade system
  • The spacing of rivets and sections should follow the structural design
  • Clearance gap between panels must be maintained
  • Only exterior grade laminate should be used for any area that is exposed to the external environment (even if the area is under shade)
  • A minimum 6mm panel thickness is required for exterior applications
  • Ensure that you get the Max Exterior panels from authorised business partners to be sure about the original stamp of quality.


  • The panels should not be cleaned with any acid or alkaline solution. Light soap solution or plain/warm water is good enough for the purpose. Avoid scouring substances
  • Do not paint on the panel surface or apply a protective cover on the panels
  • Do not use silicones to cover the gaps
  • Store the panels by stacking them horizontally on flat and stable supports at the site. The panels can be stored in normal climatic conditions
  • Use recommended tools for installation preferably by authorised, expert hands.

For More details, contact:
FunderMax India Private Ltd.
#13, 1st Floor, 13th Cross, Wilson Garden, Banglore – 560027

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