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“Future Façades are Likely to have Automated Weather Adaptability through Specially Designed Apps”


The façade industry is very diverse and keeps on upgrading. Keeping in mind the current scenario and regulations that are being followed, the façades in the future will be more energy efficient/harvesting by using glasses with integrated solar panels and with auto tinting properties which will further help in saving energy. Moreover, the aluminium profiles will become sleeker and more intricate.

Visualising future façades renderings
Visualising future façades – renderings

As aluminium is considered the best material for façades due to its properties like lightweight and durability, it will still play an important role in the coming years. Considering the need for utilizing more sustainable materials, recycled plastics and metals, bricks, pre casts, and reclaimed wood to name a few can be an alternative.

With the technical advancements in the current times, future façades are likely to have automated weather adaptability by controlling solar heat and harnessing energy from natural sources. Façades are likely to have automated weather adaptability through specially designed apps.


We, the editorial team of WFM, spoke to 15 experts on their vision for façades and fenestration -2050. We got very intriguing responses to our queries on the future designs, materials and technologies they wish to see and apply in their projects. Most of them vouched for energy harvesting materials for the façades, digitalised façades with adaptability, automated façades, 3-D printed designs, biodegradable/recyclable façades, etc., for their future buildings. A few think that biophilic and biomimetic designs, living walls, smart façades having power-generating and self-cleaning materials, graphene-based composites, self-healing concrete, next-generation polymers, smart glass, etc. could revolutionise the industry.

By 2050, we can anticipate the integration of many cutting-edge materials and technologies within façade systems. Hybrid materials that blend traditional elements with cutting-edge technology will gain traction, allowing for the seamless integration of digital components into façades, and redefining architectural expression.


Assistant General Manager

Vijesh Vijayan is the Assistant General Manager (Façades) at AIPL.

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