Grandeur Do Son Resort is an impressive resort located in Hai Phong City, Vietnam, with a total area of 61490 sqm, 303 rooms, and 43 villas. The resort’s façade, completed in December 2022, is one of its most striking features and is inspired by the fluid lines of ocean currents.

Facade Lighting Design at Grandeur Do Son Resort

The façade of Grandeur Do Son Resort features a mix of materials, including Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP), cladding, curtain wall system, and exterior emulsion paint. The curtain wall system in the middle area of the façade comprises curved louvers, which serve as a shading device to regulate the entry of natural light into the building.

In terms of regulations, the building’s façade had to meet local and international standards. The façade’s design had to comply with Vietnam’s building code requirements, which include regulations on structural integrity, wind loading, and fire resistance. Additionally, the curtain wall system was designed to meet international standards for air and water infiltration, thermal insulation, and acoustics.

The concept behind the façade design was inspired by the sinuous forms of the ocean currents. The building’s wings respond to the site, the views, and the hotel’s functions, creating an efficient and elegant layout. The double-loaded layout of each end of the hotel maximises the view from every room, while the podium elevation ensures that all rooms have uninterrupted views. The villas are offset and have living areas at different levels, providing privacy and water views.

Aerial view of Grandeur Do Son Resort Project

The modern detailing in the façade accentuates the building’s unusual and beautiful shape, reinforcing the inspiration from the ocean currents.

Grandeur Do Son Resort’s façade becomes a signature entry statement, setting the tone and feeling for the entire resort. The architects’ vision and execution have resulted in a masterpiece of modern architecture that provides a luxurious and memorable experience for guests.



 Project name: Grandeur Do Son Resort
• Location: Dragon Hill tourism zone, Đồ Sơn town, Hải Phòng, Việt Nam
• Client: Geleximco & Van Huong investment and tourist joint stock company
• Delivery architect: VNCC
• Design architect: GSAStudio, Việt Nam
• Design Team: Alina Valcarce, Matt Young, Vinh Nguyen
• Other consultants: ID consultant – GSAStudio, Việt Nam
• Materials used: Exterior emulsion paint, Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP), cladding, curtain wall system
• Commencement date: August 2020
• Completion date: December 2022

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