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“Graphene-Based Composites, Self-Healing Concrete & Next-Generation Polymers Could Revolutionise the Industry”

By: Architect Sumit Dhawan, Cityspace '82 Architects

In the coming decades, we anticipate a shift towards more sustainable and responsive facades. The future facades may incorporate dynamic features, capable of adjusting to environmental conditions and optimizing energy efficiency. Integrated vegetation systems, coupled with advanced materials, could play a pivotal role in achieving this balance between aesthetics and functionality. Further, innovations in 3D printing technology might revolutionize the construction of intricate facade elements, allowing for a higher degree of customization and complexity in design.

Embracing sustainability, the Goa villa blends modern design with Portuguese influences
Embracing sustainability, the Goa villa blends modern design with Portuguese influences

The future of facade & fenestration materials is expected to witness a surge in innovations. Graphene-based composites, self-healing concrete, and next-generation polymers could revolutionize the industry. Also, biomimetic materials inspired by nature’s efficiency and resilience may become more prevalent. Moreover, the market is likely to see an uptick in the use of recycled and upcycled materials, aligning with the global push for sustainable practices. Emerging materials like aerogels may also gain prominence for their exceptional insulating properties, enabling more energy-efficient building envelopes.

By 2050, we can anticipate the integration of many cutting-edge technologies within facade systems. This includes advanced photovoltaics, capable of seamlessly harnessing solar energy without compromising aesthetics. Moreover, responsive building skins employing nanotechnology and smart sensors could dynamically adapt to varying conditions, enhancing comfort and energy efficiency. Furthermore, augmented reality interfaces may provide occupants with personalized control over their environment, blurring the boundaries between interior and exterior spaces.

Architect Sumit Dhawan, Cityspace '82 Architects

Founder & Principal Architect

Ar. Sumit Dhavan started a solitary practice directly after completing B.Arch in the year 2005 and founded Cityspace’82 Architects. His childhood passion for architecture manifested the perseverance and belief which lead Sumit to practice unconditional hard work. Firmly believing in a perfect balance between functionality and form, Sumit ensures to rationalise both, the aesthetics and functional regime of every endeavour he outlines. Having experience of almost two decades, Sumit has single-handedly nurtured this firm and given it the position where it stands today. Ar. Sumit has established his name extensively in the design industry and has found his way to renowned celebrity homes. He has done projects for politicians, bureaucrats, lawyers, the residences of famous cricketers Yuvraj Singh and Gautam Gambhir, and many more. Also, his work is appreciated by developers whom he has collaborated with including DLF, Ansal Group, Orchid, MGF to name a few. His eclectic façade style has made him a favourite amongst numerous practicing architects. Contact: Ph.: 0124 426 7519 e-mail: Website:

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