The Gretsch-Unitas partnership, which invented the lift & slide mechanism in 1952, has established benchmarks that continue to have a significant impact on the market today. Owing to the systematic further development of the lift & slide hardware, an all-encompassing highly diverse range of solutions, also system-related, is now available for the most common profile materials.

Gretsch-Unitas offers the following benefits:

Lift & Slide Architectural Hardware

• Maximum Comfort: Makes light work of lifting heavy sashes HS LiftUnit along with a threshold solution for added convenience and barrier-free threshold

• Allows an easy Operation: Provides rebound-free, controlled lowering of the sash damper extended handle. Easy in moving large elements with the greatest ease

Their Systems offer:

1. Burglary protection
• Open or locked electronic locking monitoring with magnetic switch and is VdS tested.
• An Anti-jemmy device, with a secure grip
• L&S meeting-style security profile which is open but still securely locked
• Night ventilation lift & slide doors.

2. A handy operation with the utmost security:
• Gentle braking operation
• HS SilentClose – along with reliable stopping before it reaches the end position

3. Ventilation optimised:
Open but still securely locked night ventilation for lift & slide doors along with being effective and secure

Take a Closer Look at the Perfection!

Their design: Maximum glazing to maximise the sense of space lift & slide element with panoramic glazing. It provides comfortable operation and appealing design turn handles, versatile and multi-faceted patterns, and A–L for systems up to 20 meters wide. It is recommended to not miss out on the lift & slide element for the 90° corner which is absolutely elegant, comfortable, and barrier-free HS ePOWER motor-driven.

Gretsch-Unitas Lift and Slide Architectural Hardware

Offer best services: They offer a basis for successful construction project planning support. A comprehensive and technically up-to-date tender-text-manager to assure just the right products in the right quantity They provide the customers with onsite service and technical field staff.

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Contact: +91-7600118555

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