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Hafeez Contractor, Sasaki, Buro Happold for Dharavi Redevelopment


Leading global experts in city planning including architect Hafeez Contractor, design firm Sasaki and consultancy firm Buro Happold, are on board for the Dharavi redevelopment project in Mumbai. Led by Contractor and The Adani Group, the consortium will also boast experts from Singapore as they plan on rehabilitating the Dharavi slums, home for millions. The contractor has planned many rehabilitation projects and designed some of India’s tallest buildings, including The 42 in Kolkata and The Imperial twin towers in Mumbai.

70-year-old American design firm Sasaki is known for its expertise in creating sustainable, integrated live-work-play environments. Buro Happold, a UK-based consultancy firm, is known for its creative and environmentally conscious infrastructure solutions.

The experts from Singapore bring their expertise in creating cutting-edge urban living spaces. The country’s Housing Development Board built over 1.2 million homes and set a global benchmark for inequitable urban housing.

In 2022, the Adani Group emerged as the winner with ₹5,069 crore bid to redevelop Dharavi

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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

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