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Importance of Good Ventilation



Creating healthy spaces

Although we like to be outside as much as possible, on an average 85 to 90% of our time is spent indoors. Hence it is important to take into account the aspects that influence the inner climate such as fresh air. As the interest in airtight construction is growing, the importance of good ventilation is also increasing. Air circulation, replacing polluted indoor air by fresh outdoor air, leads to a healthy and comfortable indoor climate.

The indoor air is polluted by a number of sources: occupants (breathing, sweating), their activities (cooking, showering, smoking), emissions from furnishing (radon, volatile organic compounds, paint, glue, varnish, detergents), etc. The concentration of all these pollutants indoor can be 2 to 5 times worse than outdoor levels. Moreover, there are problems with humidity, CO2 and various other substances. Excessive insulation and inadequate ventilation create a dead and stale air which accumulates mites, molds, viruses, bacteria, as well as moisture and harmful chemicals. Breathing larger amounts of these pollutants for even the shortest period will affect our health. This is why we must regularly and properly ventilate our buildings.

Humans do need about 20 m³ of fresh air to feel well. Many people believe that opening windows from time to time is sufficient. However, the effect of openings windows is only temporary and ventilation through open windows is uncontrollable, therefore, wasting energy. In addition, they lead to other problems, such as noise, the risk of burglary, intrusion of insects, etc. Air-conditioners are of not much of help too as they are set to energy saving mode, which means they are just re-circulating already cooled air, without combining it with fresh outside air. As a consequence, the pollutants concentrate inside the room. Controlled ventilation is the only effective and secure solution to obtain a good indoor air quality and a healthy inner climate.

i-flux-technology for good ventilation


Need for Window Ventilators

Window Ventilators guarantee the supply of fresh air via window vents or acoustic ventilators. A sufficient supply of fresh outside air is used to force the contaminated inside air out of the building according to the principle of air supply, transit and extraction. Ventilators have been equipped with a number of innovative features, guaranteeing an optimal comfort and minimizing energy loss. By integrating a self-regulating flap that reacts to wind pressure differences, the airflow remains constant – also at high wind forces) and draught is avoided.
Thanks to a manually adjustable interior flap, the occupants can determine themselves which level of airflow is required, e.g. in function of the occupancy of the room. Furthermore, the specific shape of this interior flap makes sure that incoming fresh air is deflected upwards, ensuring an optimal spread of the air in the room and hence an optimal comfort for all occupants. Window ventilators can be equipped with acoustic foam and keep out from the noise outside.

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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

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