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India’s Exterior Wall Cladding Market Booming: Driven by Aesthetics, Efficiency and Sustainability

By: Sumit Gupta, Alstone

Tell us about the market for exterior cladding materials in India.

The market for exterior cladding materials in India has experienced significant growth on the back of the increasing focus on aesthetics and energy efficiency during building construction. Fast growing demand for innovative and sustainable cladding solutions is also driving market growth.

What’s the present valuation of the exterior wall cladding/covering material market in India?

The market size for exterior wall cladding/ covering materials in India is significant and is expected to grow steadily in the coming years, due to the rising demand for high-quality cladding materials in both residential and commercial construction projects.

Alstone Antiq
Alstone Antiq

What’s the future outlook for the market for exterior wall cladding materials?

With the growing construction industry and increasing awareness about the benefits of exterior cladding, the future outlook for exterior wall cladding materials in India is highly positive. The market is expected to witness steady growth driven by factors like growing urbanisation, infrastructure development, and the emphasis on green building practices.

What’s the growth rate anticipated in the industry for the exterior wall cladding materials?

The growth rate of exterior wall cladding materials is anticipated to be around 5.1% CAGR to reach $168.12 (Source Google) billion globally by 2032. Rising construction activities and increased adoption of advanced cladding materials have fuelled this high demand.

Alstone Alcomb
Alstone Alcomb

What are the factors driving the demand for exterior wall cladding?

The factors driving the demand for exterior wall cladding include the fast-emerging need for energy- efficient building solutions, increasing urbanization, and the focus on sustainable construction practices. Additionally, the low maintenance, and aesthetic appeal of exterior cladding materials, besides their durability, is equally contributing to the growing popularity of exterior wall cladding in the market.

As a brand, Alstone offers a wide range of series that are not only aesthetically beautiful but also have a long life. It encompasses a variety of range, including Alstone HPL, Alstone Stonera, Alstone Antiq, Alstone Louvers, Alstone Zinc and Alstone Alcomb. Alstone is the ultimate choice for elegant and durable cladding solutions.

Sumit Gupta, Alstone

Managing Director,

Sumit Gupta, the Managing Director of Alstone, at the age of twenty-three, encountered the concept of Aluminium Composite Panels while on a trip abroad and envisaged its great potential in the construction and building sectors. This motivated him to begin manufacturing ACP domestically in 2003, and he has not looked back since. Currently, after almost two decades in the field, Sumit Gupta considers himself an ACP evangelist. His motivation and enthusiasm for business growth and management techniques are what fuel him. Inheriting the traditional business acumen of his parents, along with his MBA qualification and knowledge of the industry, he has been able to take the Alstone Group to new heights and continuously redefine their objectives.

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