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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

Quality with a difference. Setting standards of residential fenestration quality in India by YKK AP


Beautiful as it is, our IWIN-S window is designed for India with Japanese precision. The outer frame can be built into the structure of the building and the installation. It counterbalances the modest size of the room with the expansiveness of the wider world. The framework between window panels is incredibly narrow, measuring only 35mm wide, and the frame and spacer bars between the panes of glass are also narrow, helping the window to picture-frame your view in a most unobtrusive way.

Product Characteristics:

  • Basic Performance
  • Safety & Comfort.
  • Useful Functionality.

When you completely reimagine a fenestration product, you get the IWIN-S series. A window that makes a powerful statement. Every corner perfectly mated right-angle in the flowing profile. Every frame retains the high strength coating that remains corrosion free, and retains its gloss and richness of colour.

Growth in vehicular traffic, construction activity and stubble burning have created issues of air pollution and dust in India. The recent years have seen a new rise in the level of air pollution affecting various parts of the country. Our aluminium sliding windows are 100% weather-sealed with a leakage-proof design that keeps the pollutants and natural elements such as dust and dirt away.

Not a single element has been overlooked in our new IWIN-S window series. Door handles, latching mechanisms, end-stoppers, stays and releases have all been designed for a perfectly clean appearance and improved water-tight, air-tight and acoustic performance.

Every YKK AP product poses the question of functional and timeless design, not only from an aesthetic point of view, but always from a technical point of view, as all new elements of a building envelope must match the existing components in a system group.

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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

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