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Legend Slide Door System From Deceuninck


Deceuninck, one of the leading producers of uPVC profiles for doors and windows, has come up with a unique shift and sliding doors system ‘Legend Slide’ in the Indian market.

Legend Slide combines simple operation of lift and slide system and with the exceptional sealing capability of tilt and slide. The door system offers in various formats, such as outer frame of 149mm, 76mm sash with 5 chambers in class B, TPE weldable gaskets and glass thickness options from 24mm up to 52mm.

Sash movement occurs with guide locking parts and running car sets on different axis. The continuous all-round seal and the guiding and locking elements in all four corners of the sash ensure a tight seal for stringent energy efficiency requirements. Besides, the system is tested for air permeability – EN 12207 – class 4 – 600 pascals, water tightness – EN 12208 – class 8A – 450 pascals, wind resistance as per EN 12210 – class C4/ B4, and additional stiffeners possible for higher wind loads.

The system makes your spaces weather proof protecting against the hot/cold weather, rain, moisture and provides the best solution for architectural projects requiring wide openings. Notably, the company intends to further up the high thermal performance market with its triple gasket 80mm series Legend in 2018. In addition to normal doors and windows in white and lamination, the Legend range will also be available in unique aluminium cladding- Legend Armis.

Deceuninck is one of the few suppliers with a strong focus on high performance doors and colour profiles. The company offers a wide variety of colour lamination profiles for sliding and casement windows and doors.

Its lift and slide high performance doors have made a mark in the retail segment. Established in 1937, Deceuninck completed 80 years of sustained growth in the industry in 2017. With its 14 production and 22 warehouse facilities spread across the world, Deceuninck garnered € 670 million in 2016. India and Thailand are two gateways to Asia for the Deceuninck group and its growing strong in these markets too.

In India, Deceuninck has set up its 35,000 sqft warehouse in Chennai in 2012 and stocks 450 tonnes of profiles and custom hardware in addition to special reinforcements for high performance doors.

Deceuninck was the first to test its sliding systems at Winwall, Chennai for high wind pressures – 2.4 KPa proof load. To step up its technical supremacy, Deceuninck has set up in-house testing facility to ensure customers can check their windows and doors so that they can confidently offer the right systems for projects.

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