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Microtek Greenburg Sector 86, Gurugram

By: Anoj Tevatia, Design Forum International

Microtek Greenburg is a cluster of state-of-the-art modern apartment towers in Gurugram, Delhi NCR. The design brief called for a mid-segment luxury residential township, in the heart of the city. Multi-story towers sit on the periphery of the block, allowing verdant green spaces to thrive. The basement leading to the underground car park comprises broad, strategically located, free-flowing ramps, that run and meet at opposite ends. Natural light is admitted into these ramps, enhancing vision and ventilation, in addition to providing several vantage points that serve as wayfinding nodes.

Staircase Inspired by Biomorphism
Staircase Inspired by Biomorphism

Nearly a dozen full-grown neem trees that occupied the site were retained, with the basement circumnavigating around them. The sheet piling was carried out in lines with the earth retention around these trees, thereby allowing them to function as effective shading elements. The landscape scheme integrates well with the site planning, enabling physical activity, recreation, and participation. Light permeates nearly all the interior spaces, designed to be utilitarian, with an emphasis on retaining spatial quality and functionality to a maximum.

Functionality is a hallmark in the design of the façade, which capitalises on a patterned jaali concealing the plumbing shafts. LED lighting arrangement within these shafts gleams through the jaali, creating a delightful visual element. Such an emphasis on night-lighting in residential architecture has seldom been incorporated, and the towers present a striking contrast of light and shadow when illuminated at night. From the entrance lobby to the interior finishes, the intent has been to craft functional, maintenance-friendly spaces. At the same time, approaching aesthetic solutions through the lens of design ingenuity guides the development of the façade and the overall experience of living.

Quick Facts:
• Project: Microtek Greenburg
• Location: Sector 86, Gurgaon
• Client: Microtek Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd.
• Principal Architect: Mr. Anoj Tevatia, DFI
• Design Team: Girish Joshi, Smirati Bhatnagar, Shamim Khan
• Site Area (Sq ft & Sq m): 14.64 Acre
• Built-Up Area (Sq ft & Sq m):. 18.94 lac Sq ft
• Start Date: Jan-2013
• Completion Date: 2017

Anoj Tevatia, Design Forum International

Founding Partner

Architect Anoj Tevatia is the Founding Partner at Design Forum International. An architect and a visual artist, Anoj’s key strength lies in achieving distinctive concepts that form the cornerstone of the practice’s architectural works. His distinct style is a blend of tradition and modernity – an amalgamation that respects context and materiality. He is also deeply interested in the integration of technology into building systems, a thread that ties his work together. His ability to examine every nuance of design enables him to provide effective solutions to projects across varying scales and typologies.

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