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South Delhi Municipal Corporation Revises Standard Façade Control Regulations


The South Delhi Municipal Corporation has revised the standard façade control regulations for shops in order to maintain an aesthetically pleasing environment in market. The new norms will be especially important for reconstruction of shop plots as well as shops-cum-residences that want to avail of enhanced FAR benefits in accordance with the master plan amendments notified last year.

According to the new standards by the Municipal Corporation, the shops will use frosted opaque glass in light blue colour for façades. However, the owners will be at liberty to decide inner planning and design of a plot. The revised regulation also includes that the shop shutters are to be painted in silver colour. All plastered walls and columns in verandas should have beige colour finish while the wall above the ground floor should have aluminum composite panel cladding of maroonish-red colour. Further, glazing for the façade should be of toughened glass and the width of the show window must be in accordance with that of the shop, leaving a four-inch-wide glass-door entry.

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