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New Office Building in Ekaterinburg Aims for BREEAM Excellent Rating


In an exciting development, a cutting-edge office building is set to grace the cityscape of Ekaterinburg, Russia. Comprising double-story modules, each housing two offices stacked on top of one another, this innovative structure is not only designed for functionality but also sustainability.

The project’s ambitious goal is to achieve a BREEAM Excellent grade, emphasising its commitment to environmental responsibility. The building’s layout is well thought out, with rows of modules on either side of a central hallway that doubles as an informal gathering space. Here, employees can relax in lounge seating and enjoy panoramic views of the city through a glazed lift shaft. The 15th floor offers a unique feature, as it is top-lit, serving as a flexible venue for corporate events and activities.

Designed with Ekaterinburg’s extreme seasonal temperature range in mind, which can swing from +30°C to -30°C, the building strategically balances solid and glazed spaces. This approach optimises natural light while mitigating the harsh effects of the direct summer sun.

The building’s striking glass façade not only provides views of the city and the recently landscaped riverside but also seamlessly integrates with the greenery that surrounds it. This green space extends to the building’s façade, creating a private garden area for staff. This design mirrors the internal layout, offering “external chambers” as tranquil spots for relaxation and lunch breaks.

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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

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