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Post-Covid Mutation in the Window Accessories Industry

By: Berk Seckin, Doctor Window

In the last century, in addition to the contributions of chemistry to our lives, the changes in the world markets after Covid changed both the preferences of the producers and the preferences of the consumers. This change of preference causes people to question traditional value judgments in their minds, rather than seeking only material benefits.

This change will only enable companies that can sense this change to survive. This applies not only to companies that manufacture accessories but also to window manufacturers that use them. It should be competitive by focusing on quality and correct accessories in the face of increasing costs falling on window manufacturers and conscious consumers.

Almost all companies with high technology and high brand recognition have started to produce their handle arms from aluminium
Almost all companies with high technology and high brand recognition have started to produce their handle arms from aluminium

For this, we will first need to change our traditional value judgments, question the wrongs here by putting a shark in our brain, and find the right alternatives and bid deals When we say value judgments, explaining this with a few examples will make the subject more understandable. Today, almost every house has a car or motorcycle.These cars stay outdoors for years. Are they rusting? never! If that were the case, wouldn’t all cars have to be made of stainless steel?

Here is what we need to immediately throw a shark in our brains and question, so why do we think it is right to use stainless espagnolettes in our windows? What a big mistake, right? Moreover, these espagnolettes are not directly exposed to external factors, and even the sun does not touch the surface of most of them.

Corrosion resistant, eco-friendly and water based cataphoresis coating application
Corrosion-resistant, eco-friendly and water-based cataphoresis coating application

Using stainless espagnolettes was a simple solution when metal was cheap and technology was not developed and it played into the hands of China, which has the most stainless steel reserves in the world. Today, when we consider nationalism in the preferences of the consumer who is aware of this issue, the policies developed to use national resources correctly are also supported by the states.

Composite window handle made of aluminum casted arm, high-tech plastic base and glass fiber reinforced gear system
Composite window handle made of aluminium casted arm, high-tech plastic base and glass fiber reinforced gear system

Now, instead of stainless steel in espagnolettes, steels developed against corrosion with surface treatments will be used. Yes, we all know that the standard galvanizing process is not enough.However, advanced chemical technology product lacquers are coated on top of this, and advanced corrosion resistance is gained. Even the e-coat (cataphoresis) coating technology used in the automotive industry has started to be used in the coating of window accessories. This change, which started in the world’s leading and quality companies, has started to spread rapidly.

The beautiful thing is that even the leading companies in the Indian market are now starting to use their preferences in this direction. I am really happy to observe this. In addition, as a result of increased metal prices and imbalances in some metal prices in the process after Covid, there is a very rapid transformation from zinc to aluminium in the accessories sector. Almost all companies with high technology and high brand recognition have started to produce their arms from aluminium.

New generation adjustable hinge set with cataphoresis coating
New generation adjustable hinge set with cataphoresis coating

Of course, these transformations require high investments and knowledge. In this change process, not only the conversion from zamak (zamak is a family of alloys with a base metal of zinc and alloying elements of aluminium, magnesium, and copper) to aluminium but also from zamak to plastic has gained a significant acceleration.

Of course, the plastics mentioned here are high-tech and reinforced with new-generation additives. Glass fibre-reinforced, carbon fibre-reinforced, ceramic filled and even aramid-filled plastics got involved and presented a picture that gave better results than metal.

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As I mentioned above, the increased metal prices after the covid increased the efforts of the countries to be self-sufficient and made recycling important. Even consumers have come to attach importance to the fact that the products they buy are recyclable or eco-friendly. However, my feeling is that this change will not be limited to this. We should not be surprised if we see plastic window espagnolettes designed for this, containing high technology, very soon.

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Berk Seckin, Doctor Window


Berk Seckin, Founder and CEO of DOCTORWINDOW, has vast experience and rich global exposure of 27 years in doors & windows industry. Before India, he worked as a senior manager in companies operating in the door and window industry in many countries such as Turkey, Ukraine and Libya. He has extensive experience in all stages from profile extrusion to window assembly. He has been living in India with pride and happiness for the last 10 years and founded DOCTORWINDOW in 2019. DOCTORWINDOW has brought a single-roof solution to the industry, highlighted the importance of product diversity and played a major role in the development of the sector in digital media. It aims to find solutions for all kinds of requirements with its “JOB DONE, AS ALWAYS” slogan in a solution understanding that aims to never say “NO”. In addition, it carries out its studies to present the search for new solutions to the Indian market by using its relations in the international arena. The big manufacturers in the window industry are calling DOCTORWINDOW a “GAME CHANGER” as a result of its success in a short time.

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