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Siderise Celebrates Latest Certification & Listing with Thomas Bell Wright


Siderise has announced the successful certification of its innovative stone wool lamella solution for curtain wall façade applications – reinforcing the reputation of its products and systems to provide reliable compartmentation.

ASTM E2874 and ASTM E2307

Issued by an independent Testing, Inspection, and Certification (TIC) organization, Thomas Bell-Wright International Consultants (TBWIC), the certification attests to Siderise’s capabilities in quality manufacturing, particularly for perimeter fire barrier and spandrel protection systems for glazed façade systems.

The certification applies to its curtain walling-protected spandrel system incorporating Siderise CW-FS Firestop, CW-FB Fireboard, and CW-SI Spandrel Insulation. It takes account of the results from system testing to ASTM E2307 and ASTM E2874 fire test standards, as well as Siderise’s ability to satisfy TBWIC’s stringent audit criteria to demonstrate repeatability and consistency of product.

ASTM E2874 and ASTM E2307

ASTM E2874 is a newer fire test standard, designed to evaluate the performance of a spandrel construction in terms of fire resistance and leapfrog. When tested to this standard, the Siderise system achieves a fire-resistance rating of up to 2-1/2 hours / 150 minutes. Meanwhile, when tested to ASTM E2307 in commercially available non-fire-rated.

IS 18190: 2023

Siderise cavity barriers rise high at Canary Wharf development

This performance is also significant to note in light of the new Indian standard, IS 18190: 2023 (Fire Resistance of Perimeter Fire Barrier Joint System) released in June by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). This references ASTM E2307 as well as UL 2079 specifically for assessing air leakage. Additionally, IS 18190: 2023 mandates adherence to the ISO 834-1 time-temperature curve for evaluating the perimeter fire barrier joint system, which is the same time-temperature curve followed by EN 1363- 1 and subsequently used within testing to EN 1364-4. At present, there are no accredited testing or certification entities for evaluating perimeter fire barrier systems as per IS 18190: 2023.

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