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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

The Gallery Hotel, Kolkata


A 35-key boutique hotel located in a prominent area in Kolkata en route the airport; ‘The Gallery Hotel’ is designed to be a definitive landmark along a busy arterial road of the city. Standing along the straight and densely bordered road, the building is mainly viewed from a tangential direction rather than from the front. Keeping this in mind and our intention to create a pause in the midst of urban chaos, the façade was envisaged as a striking metallic sculpture.

The elevation of  ‘The Gallery Hotel’ was designed to seemingly drape the building with a glittering screen. Swathed in 13,818 shiny metallic gold, silver and black ‘shingles’, the building appears to shimmer as these polished butterfly shaped elements sway gently in the wind. The placement of these shingles was detailed meticulously so as to limit visibility from outside while still enabling light and ventilation to the interiors of the hotel.Exploded View Panel

The shingles were made of Physical vapor deposition (PVD) coated stainless steel plates bent to a calculated angle to obtain the desired effect. Three different coloured units were placed scrupulously to attain a shaded effect on the façade. These were mounted onto panels made of MS flats which were in turn fixed to a MS support structure.

Ar. Abin Chaudhuri

founder and Principal architect

Ar. Abin Chaudhuri is the founder and Principal architect at Abin Design Studio, Kolkata. He graduated from Jadavpur University, Kolkata in 1998 and pursued specialisation in Industrial Design at Domus Academy, Milan in 2003. Very recently, Abin attended Glenn Murcutt’s International Master Class, 2014. Abin is an architect, innovator, quirky designer and notable entrepreneur. His creative mind is constantly in the process of exploring new thoughts and ideas; drawing inspiration from the ordinary to create something extraordinary. He founded Abin Design Studio in 2005. Today ADS is among the top design firms in the country. Over the years, ‘Abin Design Studio’ has grown to become a design-centric group of passionate people.

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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

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