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The Importance of Choosing the Right Hardware for Windows & Doors


The market for doors and windows in uPVC and aluminium is steadily growing and expected to cross over Rs 15-20,000 crores by 2025. Let’s take a look at the reality in developments. Aluminium door and window systems were introduced in the Indian market in the early 80s. Thereafter, aluminium window systems saw a steady growth. They were made essentially using extruded aluminium profiles available in the local market. Components like glass were common. Other components, including beading, gasket and hardware were required to make a complete system.

uPVC Windows
uPVC Windows

Over the past one decade the façade and fenestration industry across the country has become more organised and evolved in many aspects; but the major transformations were seen in safety, security and durability features. Each of these traits needs to be understood in order to assimilate the evolution of the trade. Safety in the window comes with the aspect of security. It is officially determined by the typology of glass used in order to make the window tamper-proof.

With the introduction of float glass in the early 90’s, the glass industry began to see evolutions. Towards the end of 90`s, companies started producing processed glass which is also called tempered or toughened glass. As the demand for toughened or tempered glass in commercial glazing increased, the quest for the better safety lead to the development of laminated safety glass. As of today, more than 150 glass processors are present across India in every graphical location.

Thereafter, the profiling industry benefited since they have to provide thicker and steadier aluminium frames to hold heavier glasses. Only in the first decade of the 2000s, the evolution of the uPVC industry started, which brought about the development of windows systems for lots of residential projects followed by vendor applications in the housing segment. Continuous improvement in the profiles, glass and silicones culminated in the development of stronger, safer and durable window systems. The most important aspect of safety and security in any of the window system is essentially the hardware used. It is also essential for better performance windows and doors.

Hardware Classification: Door
Hardware Classification: Door

The window and door for any housing requirement are with respect to the very important aspect of durability, security and safety of the household. In window and door, the part which determines durability is the accessories and the hardware. Hardware is a vital and super essential part of any window and door. Let me explain the types of windows which are generally used in homes and projects.

For aluminium and uPVC windows & doors, basic typology is as follows for the residential & commercial purpose.

Fixed Window: A fixed window is a type of window with at least one sash that does not open.

Casement (Open In/ Open Out) Window/Door: A casement is a window that is attached to its frame by one or more hinges or stays at the side. Casement windows either open from outside or inside.

Horizontal Sliding Windows/Door: A horizontal sliding window/door is a type of window where the sash(es) operate(s) by sliding horizontally along a track in the window or door frame.

Vertical Sliding Windows: A vertical sliding window is a type of window where the sash(es) operate(s) by sliding vertically for ventilation purpose.

Tilt & Turn Window: Tilt and turn windows open in multiple directions through the use of a single operating handle. The sash can be opened at the top for ventilation, inwards for cleaning and ventilation, or locked in the closed position.

Pivot Window: The window that opens by pivoting either horizontally or vertically.

Lift & Slide doors: Lift & Slide custom door systems are a popular choice for opening up large expanses. A system of levers and wheels lifts the panel of the sill enabling movement of large, heavy panels with very little effort.

For any window or door to function according to its typology, hardware plays a major role in it. Let me give you a brief idea about choosing the right hardware for the right window.

Importance of Handle in uPVC & Aluminium Window/Door:

Handles are the key hardware of window or door. For the selection of the handle, one should keep in mind the aesthetic look and function of the handle. Quality, design and colour of the handle are more important in uPVC & aluminium system. Standard materials used for handles are aluminium, ZAMAC or zinc-aluminium alloy die cast. Quality of powder coating varies from handle to handle depending upon its price.

While selecting a handle, one should consider safety parameter like purpose and position of the door/ window. If it is for residential purpose, there is always a risk of children or elderly people falling out of the window during operations or cleaning. The handles must ensure safety. There are various types of handles available in the market like lever handle, pull handle, pop-up handle, single point handle, multi-point handles, detachable handle, panic bar, etc. Each handle has its own type of operational mechanism. Selecting the right handle depends on the window or door typology, durability, security and safety.

Importance of Hinge, Friction Stay and Rollers in uPVC & Aluminium Window/Door:

Hinges, friction stay and rollers are window’s invisible functional hardware and the functional life of window/door depend on this hardware. To select the right hinge or friction stays, one should focus on window or door panel/vent size and weight. Many times, the operation of window fails or sagging of windows happens due to wrong selection of friction stay or hinge. Type of frictional stays are standard, heavy duty and restricted friction stays.

Material grading for friction stay used are SS304 and SS202. Quality and durability of stay depend on its material grade. Hardware companies should provide the right hardware for window and door to a client Like hinges, sliding roller selection is also crucial. Selection of roller should be done considering the sliding panel’s weight and size. There are various roller types available, depending on the manufacturing material, like nylon roller, copper roller, etc. One should know the difference between heavy duty roller and light duty roller. Also the performance and quality of the roller depend on the material of the roller.

Importance of Lock in uPVC & Aluminium Window/Door:

Your home is a place where you and your family should have the ability to relax and feel safe, day or night. Without having high-quality locks on your doors, that relaxing feeling can turn to stress and worry. Having the ability to securely lock your doors, home or not, is an option everyone deserves. When we talk about safety and security, selecting the right locking mechanism is on top of the list. Different types of locks available are mortice lock, deadbolt, night latch, theft resistant lock, multi-point lock, automatic lock, etc. Selection of lock is very crucial, and one needs to check the position of the door in a house or commercial place.

Have secure front door locks. The door should have deadbolts in addition to keyed door locksets. Look for deadbolts with a 1-inch (2.5cm) throw bolt and an interlocking frame. Don’t choose a dual-cylinder device – the kind with a key from both sides. This can trap your family inside in the event of a fire. If you have one now, replace it. Burglars look for the easiest way in, and in most cases, they head for the windows and balcony doors. Old windows offer only a low level of burglary protection and without any window locks, they can be easily broken in. We recommend the use of special burglary protection, especially for windows that are easily accessible.

This can be in the form of lockable window handles or, in the case of balcony and terrace doors, use a variety of locking handles that prevent forced entry. Multipoint locking window helps to prevent burglars from breaking in, and it will also help window insulation.

Importance of the other Overall Screws and Accessories:

Other accessories and screws quality also affect the performance and durability of window or door. Other accessories include door closers, door plates, lock plates, cylinders, etc. While choosing hardware, we need to check the quality of other accessories along with screw’s quality and grades. Selecting a wrong hardware can impair the window and door function. Hence, choosing the right hardware for any window or door is important. Hardware is the backbone of this system. Quality, durability and safety are the three major parameters to be considered for hardware in uPVC & aluminium doors and window. While choosing the hardware, it should be noted that they are extremely functional. Always choose the maintenance free material that can function at least for 10 years. Also, they should complement the stylish modern design of your windows and doors.

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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

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