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The International Conference Center ,Dalian ,China


The International Conference Center truly seems to have been pulled straight from the future into the northwest Chinese economic and leisure metropolis of Dalian. Both the interior and exterior contain Aleris aluminum alloy 55HX®.

This icon and symbol of urban development, located in 50 meters vicinity of the sea, is designed by COOP HIMMELB (L) AU and combines the rational elements of a modern congress center with the flowing lines of traditional Asian buildings and the smooth forms of the ocean.

700 tons of Aleris 55HX® were used both for the inside and outside paneling of the Dalian International Conference Center. There were a few reasons for choosing this Aleris alloy. First, the anodized aluminum has a high surface quality and is excellent for shaping. Additionally, Aleris 55HX® not only guarantees color uniformity across numerous casting batches but also longterm color stability under all weather conditions, which is an important factor when so close to the ocean.

  • Hybrid “city” within one building; simultaneous use by large number of visitors in different areas; variably conceptualized as a conference center, theater and opera house or exhibition center
  • Length 220 m, height 60 m with total of eight stories; capacity for 1600 people in the theatre and 2500 in the conference center.
  • As a philosophy – partly prompted the use of aluminum for the interior and exterior wall cladding. The distinctive aesthetics of aluminum also played a key role, just as in many other contemporary and ambitious architectural projects around the world.

Project Details

International Conference Center Dalian/China Aleris 55HX® aluminum panels and strips In 3 mm thickness
Further processing: 10μ and 20μ natural
Architects: COOP HIMMELB(L) AU
Location: Dalian, China
Aluminum 55HX Application: Architecture e.g. facades, paneling, ceilings, walls Used in technical equipments and electronics.
Commencement Date: November 2008
Complétion Date: December 2012
Area: 40,000 Sq m2

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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

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