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Trosifol TM Unveils Next Generation of SentryGlas® Ionoplast Interlayer


Trosifol ™ has launched SentryGlas® XtraTM (SGX™). This new product improves lamination processing efficiency and also removes a number of the processing requirements placed on laminators. The result being a high quality
laminate construction that delivers the outstanding operational performance synonymous with the SentryGlas® brand. Trosifol ™ is the global leader in PVB and ionoplast interlayers for laminated safety glass in the architectural segment.
With this product, adhesion to the air-side of glass has been significantly improved too, with an adhesion primer no longer being required, making multipleply laminated glass assemblies easier to process. There is also the potential to increase the number of laminates in autoclaves, increasing throughput efficiency.
Hurricane system designers and manufacturers will benefit from the robust adhesion offered by the new interlayer, which offers the possibility of incorporating higher design pressures, larger glass sizes and a reduced need for retesting when there are challenging design requirements.
The new material will be available in sheet form in a range of film thicknesses. Rolls will be available later in 2019. SentryGlas® Xtra™ complies with global safety glazing codes including ANSZ97.1, EN14449, EN12543, EN12600, EN356 and is SGCC listed.

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