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uPVC Fenestration – Current & Evolving Market Scenario

By: Amrit S Patel, Sohom Fenster Tech Pvt Ltd

Fenestrations & façades play pivotal roles within the architecture of habitable buildings. These elements not only shield occupants from external weather extremities but also foster an active engagement with the outside world while preserving indoor comfort. With technological advancements influencing diverse industries, the realm of fenestration has witnessed the emergence of innovative materials, including uPVC.

Unlike traditional materials like timber, uPVC for doors and windows is artificially engineered. Consequently, manufacturers of uPVC doors and windows face certain limitations in design innovation compared to the creative liberty enjoyed by skilled carpenters. Nevertheless, the professional design specifications integrated into uPVC door and window construction lay a strong foundation. Local manufacturers, when adhering to these design guidelines, can significantly enhance the final performance of these installations, surpassing conventional counterparts.

Although uPVC as a material for doors and windows arrived in India later than in the Western world, the market here initially featured rudimentary offerings in contrast to the more advanced uPVC installations prevalent in Western countries. India’s market for uPVC doors and windows is evolving and maturing, pivoting towards delivering on its promises. However, in a developing economy where price often outweighs performance considerations due to the vast population, scepticism regarding the performance of uPVC fenestrations persists.

uPVC Fenestration - Current & Evolving Market Scenario

To unlock the full potential of uPVC fenestrations in India, meticulous attention is imperative at every stage— from embracing the original designer’s concepts, ensuring suitable openings for installation, and adhering precisely to manufacturing guidelines, to the final installation process. Any compromise, driven by cost or other factors, might lead to unsatisfactory outcomes. Unlike timber, uPVC installations are non-repairable, leaving no recourse but regret in case of compromise.

The current landscape in India’s uPVC fenestration industry demands a comprehensive evaluation of these factors by all stakeholders. This evaluation is crucial to establish a favourable reputation for this environmentally friendly product that is otherwise robust and sound. Addressing these critical factors will undoubtedly catapult the industry’s sales and secure a prominent position within the market in a relatively short span.

Another pivotal factor essential for propelling the uPVC fenestration industry in India forward is dynamic & dedicated organisational leadership. Such leadership should adeptly shape governmental perspectives, emphasizing the capacity of uPVC fenestrations to conserve the nation’s timber resources swiftly, deliver superior energy efficiency, and offer easily recyclable products.

Amrit S Patel, Sohom Fenster Tech Pvt Ltd

Managing Director

Amrit S Patel is the Managing Director of Sohom Fenster Tech Pvt Ltd.

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