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“I See 22 to 25% of Market Growth for Both uPVC and Aluminium Doors & Windows”

By: Nandha Kumar T, Prominance Window Systems


2019 and 2020 were a little rough period for all of us. It was not just because of Covid, but also because of the raw materials, logistics, and all those issues. But, post-Covid, we see a very potential market growth, and the home segment is improving a lot.

And for Prominance, we see a very upward trend in terms of our network establishment and the market requirement as well. Recently, we launched aluminium Window systems and Aluwood. We want to push ourselves as a complete window company rather than just pushing ourselves just as a uPVC company. We see a lot of growth potential. We get a lot of interest from the market and we are coming up with quite a lot of showrooms across the country.

Casement Windows
Casement Windows

We have launched the Home Interior segment – A complete customised Home Interior solution, and also sofas and soft furnishing. The idea behind this is to give more revenues to our channel partners. The industry is getting a lot of competition nowadays. So we are trying to generate more revenue through our products. So that’s the reason we’re increasing our product range.

For – uPVC windows and doors, the performance post-Covid in the year 2022 was exceptionally well. At the same time, we see a lot of competition coming to the market from China, Turkey, and so on. I guess that is a little issue for all of us because the quality parameters have not been conveyed to the customers.

UWDMA is doing a great job to bring knowledge and awareness to end customers. And, we hope this awareness will grow higher and higher day by day. With this, we will do much more volumes in the coming years Aluminium is getting momentum in the last two years. Because very cheap quality windows are available in the market, people are also trying to look at alternative options, so system aluminium is having a lot of scope in the market. That’s the reason we also launched the system aluminium. Thanks to the internet and exposure, people are aware of all the quality products available in the Western markets, and now they wanted to go for such quality materials in Indian homes as well. So we see very good potential in the Indian market as well.

I think there will be definitely see 22 to 25% of market growth for both uPVC and Aluminium. With urbanisation happening across the country, so we see good potential in both things.

Nandha Kumar T, Prominance Window Systems


Nandha Kumar T is the Director at Prominance Window Systems

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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

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