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Wienerberger’s Aspect Clay Ventilated Façade systems


Aspect Clay Ventilated Façade systems offered by Wienerberger provides the architect with the opportunity to experiment with colours, styles and finishes that can lend a touch of singular beauty to the building.

Façade and curtain wall systems are of paramount importance when considering issues of green building and sustainable design. It becomes imperative for a building construction specialist to understand the importance of improving the performance and sustainability of the building envelope, and commit oneself to support sustainable design efforts.

Many proponents of high-performance, the green design certainly believe that it is high time to move away from the conventional façade formats, mostly visible in high-rise and high-design buildings for the past half-century. Some of the world’s most prominent “green” skyscrapers are looking at greener options to envelope their buildings.

Technical Benefits

  • Long life of 50 to 60 years
  • Provides thermal insulation and weather protection
  • Provides improved sound insulation by approx. 9 dB
  • Frost-proof, non-flammable (material class A1)
  • Protection against impact, resistance to graffiti
  • Virtually maintenance-free

This robust installation system enables the system to withstand high wind loads of upto 2.5 kpa

Design Benefits

  • Available in a variety of formats
  • Diverse colours: besides standard colours, custom colours can be produced with engobe or glaze effect, grooved or structured
  • Perfectly aligns with traditional construction materials, thus ideal for building renovation

The shape and the profile of the clay tile can be customised as per the design intent of the architect. A wide variety of 3-D images can be printed onto the tile to match any aesthetic intent.

Wienerberger's Aspect Clay Ventilated Façade systems

Features of the Rear Ventilated Façade

  • Weather protection
  • Preventing heat accumulation
  • Moisture control
  • Sound protection
  • Thermal insulation
  • Fire protection
  • Ventilated Façade

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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

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