A Green Building is a built space that helps in being conscious towards the natural environment around the site and optimizing the maximum potential of the building. A Green Building prevents the unnecessary wastage of energy and the wastage of our precious natural resources.

We are progressing at a very fast pace, this might result in a situation where the earth is not sustainable anymore. There may be scarcity of some natural resources in the near future which are required by us to survive. In such scenario the role of a Green building is to reduce the carbon footprint and lend a helping hand in saving the environment.

A Green Building can perform in the following ways-

  • Reduce the environmental pollution and degradation of the natural environment.
  • Efficient use of water without allowing wastage.
  • Reduction in electrical consumption by making the building energy efficient.
  • Reduction in operating costs and making the building maintenance free.
  • Improving the indoor work environment and protecting the health of the building’s occupants.
  • Improving the air and water quality.
  • Efficient use of eco-friendly and recyclable materials.

Green buildings are an investment for the future, they can initially be a costly proposition but it shall be viable in the long run.

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