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From Vision to Reality: The Window Techs Journey of Revolution

By: Vishal Khandelwal, Window Techs India Pvt Ltd

Since its start in 1993, Window Techs, led by Mr. Vishal Khandelwal, has been on a journey of innovation in the world of interior furnishings. The big moment came in 2011 when the company introduced Insulated Glass Blinds. This move wasn’t just business; it was inspired by Mr. Khandelwal’s experiences with ground-breaking technology during his travels abroad. Seeing the potential for these blinds in India, he made Window Techs a pioneer in providing different blinds for various spaces, from homes to facades.

Facing challenges along the way, Mr. Khandelwal strategically acquired a company in Denmark to secure the technology for insulated glass blinds. This became a game-changer for Window Techs, emphasizing the company’s commitment to excellence by incorporating top-notch machinery into its Faridabad production plant.

Originally meant for facades, Window Techs’ insulated glass blinds quickly found broader use. The sleek Venetian blinds and energy-efficient Honeycomb blinds became popular for improving energy efficiency, reducing noise, and ensuring privacy. These blinds played a significant role in prestigious projects like GAIL, Tejas Train, Novotel, and AIIMS, making Window Techs a trendsetter in the industry.

Modern Window Designs For Your Contemporary HomeInnovation became Window Techs’ signature, going beyond blinds. The company expanded its offerings to include Fire Curtains, Smoke Curtains, Wall Guards, Corner Guards, Nurse Call Systems, and ZOHO Plumbing Solutions. This expansion, along with adopting cutting-edge technologies worldwide, turned Window Techs into an internationally recognized brand.

As Window Techs continues to grow, its journey from introducing insulated glass blinds to diversifying its products showcases Mr. Khandelwal’s vision and the company’s commitment to pushing the limits of innovation. Window Techs doesn’t just change spaces; it reshapes the entire industry, standing as a leader in simple yet effective interior solutions. Today, as the company continues to redefine possibilities, Window Techs remains a symbol of creativity, quality, and a commitment to making every space it touches special.

Vishal Khandelwal, Window Techs India Pvt Ltd

Managing Director & CEO,

Vishal Khandelwal is the Managing Director & CEO of Window Techs India Pvt Ltd.

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