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A Visual Delight in the Concrete Jungle Greenfields, Mumbai


Mumbai, though home to thousands of residential towers, is always open for a fresh architectural idea. When ZZ Architects team suggested to the builder an entirely new approach for the new high-rises, he was more than keen to hear them out. The architect’s idea was to use ample sunlight and earthy elements to develop a warm and nature-based personality for the new residential tower, but with all the trappings of modern day luxuries.

The architect assembled the necessary façade components to create a one-of-its-kind architectural icon in Santa Cruz, Mumbai. Various factors had to be deliberated upon to arrive at the final design, including the exterior look.

Greenfields by ZZ Architects

The builder was in complete alignment with the architect’s vision – a play of light and shade, embellished with natural elements like wood, marble and vertical gardens. The greater challenge was in integrating all these elements in a pleasant manner, within budget and tight deadlines. Importantly, they had to be of high standard, maintenance free, easy to install and comfortably mesh with the larger design objectives of the building.

The aim was to create a striking façade with verticality as its strong concept stands out from its surroundings. The compound wall is also high with green walls and vertical fins to contribute to this concept.

The project consists of two buildings resting on a large podium that binds them together. The podium has a green garden that provides lush greenery amidst the city life and reduces the greenhouse effect making it sustainable.

The façade has large windows that facilitate cross ventilation and minimum walls to maximise the views and provide a strong physical and visual connection between the interior and exterior.

Each apartment is equipped with a VRV facility for HVAC and a dedicated area for services so that the elevation of the building remains undisturbed. The apartments are finished with marble flooring and a modular cycles and less maintenance. The entrance lobby is also clad with marble and backlit onyx to exude the luxury it stands for.

The entire façade of the building is soft lit, mainly highlighting the common areas like the podium and compound wall so as to maintain privacy for the residents.

True to its name, the Greenfields residential complex reflects closeto- nature character with ample light, airy spaces, greenery and earthy colours. In the midst of Mumbai’s high-rises, Greenfields proudly stands apart as a visual delight in the concrete jungle.


Project Name: Greenfields
Location: Santacruz, Mumbai
Client: Seasons
Architects: ZZ Architects,Mumbai
Façade Materials: HPL(FunderMax – MAX EXTERIOR0922 Amazon), Stone
Other Consultants: Nitin Shah architects, Sura & Associates
Materials used for façade& fenestration: HPL, UPVC windows
Commencement Date: April 2014
Completion Date: November 2017

Ar Zubin Zainuddin & Ar Krupa Zubin

Founding Partners

Ar. Zubin Zainuddin and Ar. Krupa Zubin are founding partners of Mumbai-based ZZ Architects, known for their unique approach to architecture and interior design. They lead a team of 65 talented architects and designers who are dedicated to creating projects of various scales and complexities. The firm emphasizes good design that is produced from careful study and research, combined with technical knowledge and artistic judgment. They have done innumerable projects in various categories, such as commercial, residential, hospitality, institutional, mixed use and high-end residential interior projects, etc. They are recipient of many major awards for their outstanding works.

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