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Flexible Doors and Windows by ENCRAFT

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ENCRAFT, a renowned name in the façade and fenestration industry, offers a wide range of doors and windows in the market. All the products offered by the company provide flexibility and serves various benefits that are listed below:

Sliding Windows

Encraft Sliding Windows
Sliding Windows

Based on a range of sections, it offers the full flexibility, offering from a single sliding to multiple sliding openers, clip-on or integrated sections for fly screen and a range of section sizes covering small and large openings. Sliding Window provides the ideal range of products to suit any window replacement program or building type in the fast-growing construction industry.

Twinsash Windows

It provides the option of combining the traditional casement window with the traditional inward opening fly screen option. There is a facility to incorporate a security grill or blinds for security or privacy. It also offers an additional variant of the sash with integrated louvers with a fly screen option. It was designed to facilitate maximum application coverage with the minimum number of profile sections.

Tilt N Slide Doors

Heavy Duty Patio door
Heavy Duty Patio door

ENCRAFT Tilt N Slide doors offer the ultimate protection to the home. The European concept of tilting and sliding the door sash allows the provision of a dual compression seal and provides the maximum ventilation and glass area.

Heavy Duty Patio Doors

ENCRAFT’s Heavy Duty Patio doors can comply with new challenges with its 2-pane version which can be manufactured up to 5.8 meters wide and up to 3.0 meters tall, accepting a maximum sash weight of 300 kg. The overall outer frame depth of 142 mm housing two 62 mm deep sashes is perfectly suited for modern straight-through apertures. The effortless operation of the heavy sash (es) is achieved by using tandem rollers with a high weight carrying capacity.

Invisi Fold Doors

ENFOLD is a unique alternative for ‘concertina’, ‘fold &slide’ or ‘bi‐fold’ windows & doors which are based on the movement of individual panels. It can be manufactured with invisible hinges showing only 1 or 2 handles (depending on style) and also it can be manufactured alternatively with face mounted and fully adjustable 3D hinges.

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