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A One-Of-Its- Kind Living Space AIS Glass Villa, Goa


Fusion of contemporary and local architecture, AIS Villa is being built in the village of Nachinola in Goa, nestled amidst lush green fields. It is being developed by Ahilia Homes, a boutique interior and an architectural team led by the Tarun Tahiliani design house with support from AIS Glasxperts, the architectural division of Asahi India Glass Ltd. (AIS) that specialises in applied glass.

AIS Glass Villa
AIS Glass Villa Exterior view

In keeping with the spirit of modern architecture of the country, this glass and laterite villa is a befitting tribute to the marriage of tradition and technology. A classic Goan courtyard structure has been reinterpreted with steel columns, giant glazing fold out glass doors, and glass chambers in the bedrooms through which old trees retain their beauty, keeping the light and form unique by any structural standards. The villa has been designed architecturally by Sameep Padora in concert with the vision of Tarun Tahiliani and Bindu Vadera of Ahilia homes. The project is the orchestration of Jahan Tahiliani of Ahilia Homes and with the support from AIS Glasxperts.

 Glass villa
Living room at AIS Glass villa

The two-level AIS Glass Villa has a built-up area of 6,628 Sq ft with four bedrooms, including a very natural master bedroom en suite bath, which includes a special cove study area and massage rooms. The home will be adorned by a 2900 Sq ft landscaped garden with a private, glass, infinity pool, all on a plot size of 16,953 Sq ft.

What sets the villa apart is the use of glass in its construction. Various kind of glasses is being used in the AIS Glass Villa, where experts are trying to offer various solutions to the residents of the villa, while keeping the aesthetic appeal of the material – Glass. Products like AIS Security glass is being used to keep the villa burglar proof as it is has very high level of intrusion resistance, high performance, energy-efficient glass AIS Ecosense is used on the façade, soundproof and dust proof AIS Windows are installed to keep sound and pollution at bay for the residents of the villa. The wooden window profiles are selected to enhance the aesthetics of the structure. All these materials are selected keeping in mind the functionality, performance and aesthetic appeal, which would enhance the look of this villa.

Dining room at Glass villa
Dining room at AIS Glass villa


1. AIS Securityglas

It is a range of laminated glass with specialised PVB interlayers to provide high level of intrusion resistance from burglar attacks.

  • It eliminates the need for grills or shutters.
  • It gives the ability to see more without compromising on safety.


Windows, Roof Lights, Canopies, Glazed Area – swimming pool, Overhead Glazing, Domes, Skylights, Glass lift walls, etc.

2. AIS Acousticglas

A range of laminated glass with a specialised PVB interlayer that dampens external sounds and provides 90% sound reduction. When compared to normal 5mm ordinary glass, AIS Acousticglas provides an 30–60% sound reduction. AIS Acousticglas is ideal for homes, offices and shops in high traffic zones or near railway-lines and airports.


Board rooms, Partitions, Houses and Facades

3. AIS Customized Solutions for Skylights

These are available in a variety of glazing options. Made with Laminated Sentry glass which is five times stronger than the conventional laminated glass, these skylights offer you a 5-times stronger durability. A special coated film makes them immune to scratches. A 99% UV protection film keeps away the harmful rays and let’s in uncontaminated and pure sunshine. These are roof windows which provide a visual connection to the outdoor environment to interiors.

4. AIS Décor

(Lacquered Glass) has a unique, coloured, opaque appearance. It is manufactured using special, high-quality paint on one side of the glass and oven-cured through a unique process. This gives it a uniform feel and makes it highly resistant to heat, thus ensuring a lasting impression.

Durable: Lacquering ensures long-lasting, beautiful colours

Easy to use and maintain

Environment-friendly paints used

Processing: Can be cut, drilled, ground,

bevelled, and edge-finished or polished

Heat-resistant up to 80°C. (Slight fading of colour with prolonged exposure to high temperatures)

Moisture-resistant for use in bathrooms and kitchens. (Avoid regular contact with water)

UV resistance prevents discolouration

Many Colours available like Venetian Red, Black Pearl, Sterling Silver, Snow White, Chrome Yellow, Stone Grey, Turquoise Green, etc.

5. AIS Fabric Laminated Glass

It is manufactured by sandwiching layers of clear PVB / EVA to add texture, colour, and pattern to laminated glass. This product offers a wide range of fabrics within protective glass layers.

Combines the beauty, colour & texture of the fabric with the structural strength & practicality of glass

The interlayer acts as a security film resisting any kind of intrusion or impact, thus ensuring safety

Its acoustic property dampens outside noise

6. AIS Wooden Fenestration:

Wood has been the material of choice for lavish and durable architecture all over the world and has enabled glass doors and windows to be equipped with much modern functionality and advantages that traditional wood and glass doors or old wooden window frames never had.

Key features provided by wooden doors & windows are durability, weather resistance, low maintenance, noise & heat insulation and offers premium aesthetics.

We offer a host of solutions for doors and windows solutions which include – noise reducing windows, burglar-resistant windows, solar control windows, anti-pollution and safety glass windows.

AIS offers variety of windows types with functional benefits –

  • Casement
  • Sliding & Folding
  • Lift & Slide
  • Tilt & Turn
  • Top Hung
  • Arched Windows
  • Combination / Customized
  • Special-shaped Windows

The use of cutting-edge glass products & solutions blending with the other building materials have given birth to a unique Villa by the river. The three main features of the living room are the double-height ceiling, sunken seating pit and a dining around a cluster of trees almost at the level of water. The dining room also includes a game corner which is built around the smaller courtyard around the cluster of existing matured trees.

Courtyard at Glass villa
Courtyard at AIS Glass villa

The Villa is being given monumental façade so that there is no invasion of privacy from outside. Some of the best glass products from the AIS portfolio such as the burglar-proof AIS Securityglas which delivers a very high level of intrusion resistance, AIS Décor coloured lacquered glass, and the energy efficient AIS Ecosense, which is considered to be the green standard in glass, are used in this project. The glass selection and installation ensures that while the aesthetic value of the AIS Villa is high, it does not compromise on the functional aspects of a living space, so the Villa is not just beautiful to look at, but will also be very safe and comfortable to live in.


Project: AIS Glass Villa

Location: Nachinola, Goa, India

Architect: Ar. Sameep Padora

Commencement Date: January 2017

Completion Date: January 2019

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