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“Expecting Growth Upwards of 15 % YoY for Aluminium Fenestration Industry”

By: Shyam Raghunandan, Schueco India

Post-pandemic, we have seen three significant shifts. One is the growth of aluminium in the industry. I think as buildings have become taller and the wind speeds have increased, people are looking for more performance and better aesthetics, as a result aluminium as a material is gaining more prominence. The second is, I think, the subject of innovation as it is directly related to performance, and more people are looking for a qualified standard performance and a lot of innovative designs. In the Zak exhibition, we have highlighted a lot of the innovations, and first-time systems that we’re launching globally.

Aluminium Fenestration IndustryThirdly, I feel, a big push into digitization so that inefficiencies in the system can be reduced in the value chain. So these are the three significant shifts – growth of aluminium usage, innovation in performance, and digitization.


During 2020-21, given the pandemic and the shutdowns, we took a significant hit on the top line. I’m happy that today we have crossed our pre-pandemic levels well and we are witnessing robust growth. We are hoping that this serves as a foundation for even stronger growth in the years to come.

I think the industry is growing well, with upwards of 15% growth for aluminium YoY. We could always be doing better, but I think it’s good if the whole industry is growing in the same way. Signals that our customers or builders and specifiers are showing us the green lights all ahead and they’re asking us to keep investing for the next five years indicate that they are not seeing any challenges. We expect a stabilized growth curve. That’s the signal we are getting. Of course, one has to be prepared.

Schueco Window & Façade Systems
Schueco Window & Façade Systems

Shyam Raghunandan, Schueco India

Managing Director

Shyam Raghunandan is the Managing Director of Schueco India.

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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

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