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Eumax uPVC doors & windows profile systems: With a Vision to Build Eco-friendly Constructions

By: Hemant Agarwal, EUREKA Windoor Systems Pvt Ltd

An entrepreneur par excellence who has succeeded in building profitable businesses with decades of cross-functional expertise. His unrelenting grit and determination have been key to building products and solutions that continue to be industry benchmarks.

Tell us about the company and its vision?

Eumax uPVC doors & windows profile systems manufactured by Eureka windoor systems strives to deliver on all our expectations of our customers. Our processes and products define who we are and we are committed to excelling in every engagement with our customers. We aim to work with dignity and service both to national and international customers with high standards of efficiency and product excellence.

Our Vision is to build Ecofriendly constructions with a special emphasis on spreading awareness in India about the sustainable architectural process. Global environmental concerns need to be flagged and tended to with technological advances in the use of construction materials. Over 4 million Sq ft of uPVC windows and doors made by our profiles every year are a testimony to our commitment to manufacturing nothing but the best.

What are the opportunities you see for uPVC Windows and doors in the Indian market?

Eumax uPVC profiles are being used by uPVC window manufacturers across the country who are constructing the value chain by manufacturing approximately 4 million Sq ft of windows every year. We are seeing that our consumers are well-informed and have embraced the features of our products which are packed with extensive value. The industry continues to grow at a double-digit CAGR & there are considerable opportunities for organizations like us. We believe in making innovation affordable and expanding our product reach continuously.

What do you think should be done to protect the domestic manufacturing landscape of uPVC profile manufacturers in India?

As India has momentum in its favour, it is key to protect the domestic manufacturing habitat which garners meaningful employment creating livelihoods for the talented Indian workforce. Cheap Chinese imports of uPVC profiles being allowed in India are hindering entrepreneurial investment to build and invest in capacities and scale. The Government needs a staggered approach to encourage investments that can create a mature domestic manufacturing ecosphere with protective policies.

Tell us a little more about your product offerings?

Eumax uPVC profiles are manufactured in our state-of-the-art automated extrusion facility in Bengaluru. Our elaborate ranges of profiles along with the introduction of our laminated colour profiles continue to meet consumer expectations both technically and aesthetically.

For more details, contact:
EUREKA Windoor Systems Pvt Ltd
# 311, 15th Cross, 5th Phase,
100 ft Road, Outer Ring Rd,
J. P. Nagar, Bengaluru,
Karnataka 560078
Phone: +91 90366 00025

Hemant Agarwal, EUREKA Windoor Systems Pvt Ltd

Managing Director

Hemant Agarwal is the Managing Director of EUREKA Windoor Systems Pvt Ltd.

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